Us Treasury Secretary warns sanctions against Russia over Ukraine crisis could have ‘global consequences’

2022-07-18 0 By

Data sources: overseas network yellen, us Treasury secretary (figure) overseas network February 17 – the us Treasury secretary, janet yellen has told the AFP, according to the community 17, yellen inflation surged to the highest level for decades to the United States was “concern”, and warned that if the west in crisis continues to sanctions against Russia, UkraineThere will be further “global consequences”.Us consumer prices rose 7.5 per cent in January from a year earlier, the highest since March 1982.Months of soaring prices have run counter to forecasts by the CENTRAL bank and economists that inflationary pressures would abate quickly, undermining Americans’ expectations of the Biden administration.For months, supply shortfalls and logistical hurdles in the face of the global pandemic have hit a number of industries, causing global prices to continue rising.Rising energy prices add to inflationary pressures, and tensions between Russia and Ukraine will exacerbate the problem.Ms Yellen said the potential impact on energy markets was a concern, with Russia holding an important position in supplying oil and gas to European and world markets.The U.S. Treasury Department is working with Allies to prepare a package of retaliatory sanctions against Russia amid persistent speculation in the West about a Russian “invasion” of Ukraine.”We are aware that sanctions will have some global consequences,” Yellen commented.(wangxiaoyu overseas network) copyright works, shall not be reproduced without authorization.