Walk into Lijiang Modern flower Industrial Park

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The flag leads the journey, and solid work shows responsibility.In order to fully show the new atmosphere and new style of Lijiang city, record the good voice and good suggestions of representatives and members.From February 9 to February 12, Lijiang Radio and Television station continued to launch the “Representatives and members of the grassroots” radio broadcast car reporting the two sessions, inviting several NPC deputies and CPPCC members to go to the grassroots, listen to the aspirations of the people and bring the public opinion into the two sessions, truly for the people, to fulfill the responsibilities of representatives and members.”Hello, I am a deputy of the National People’s Congress (CPPCC member), the upcoming two sessions, do you have any suggestions that I need to bring to the two sessions?”On February 9th, he Jiawei, a deputy of the municipal People’s Congress, and Yu Yao, and Zhong Liang, members of the Municipal People’s Political Consultative Conference, came to lijiang Modern Flower Industrial Park to observe and understand the on-site work, exchange and understand the staff’s expectations for the two sessions, and the problems existing in their work and life.”I am a native, I learn major is also associated with flowers, can work in the park is very happy, now we park development better and better, there are many varieties of flowers are sold all over, but the transport logistics and cultivated varieties has much room to improve, hope with the help of the government, we will become better and better!”Staff and feng jun and representatives of the members to chat.Lijiang Modern Flower Industrial Park, with a total investment of 640 million yuan, has a planned area of 10,000 mu and a core planting area of 1,100 mu. It is one of the five agricultural innovation demonstration parks in Yunnan Province, mainly developing high-end fresh cut flowers, flower seedlings (balls) and local characteristic flowers.At the same time, it plans to build a modern agricultural industrial park integrating high-end flower planting, scientific and technological research and development, cold chain logistics, e-commerce, leisure and tourism, and entrepreneurship incubation.The park’s high-end greenhouse planning to plant flowers are mainly imported high-end varieties, so far has obtained the exclusive agency of Dutch Companies such as Syrus Company, Duret and other enterprises in China varieties.The colorful calla lilies, roses and other high-quality fresh cut flowers in the park are mainly sold to the first and second tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Wuhan and Nanjing through cold chain and air logistics.After the scene exchange, representatives and members also said they would bring the staff’s suggestions to the “two sessions” up.NPC deputy He Jiawei suggested strengthening the development and utilization of lijiang’s native plant resources to help build an important ecological safety barrier in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River.Lijiang is the distribution center of biodiversity and has very good germplasm resources, but the utilization of germplasm resources is insufficient. Therefore, it is necessary to drive the innovation of this region through the innovation of germplasm resources to serve the economic and social development of Lijiang.CPPCC member Yu Yao’s proposal: mainly about the integration of industrial development in the modern agricultural industry application process of some problems.After the implementation of the modern flower industrial Park project, it is the deep integration of the three industries. However, due to the influence of land or other policies in recent years, although the park has developed rapidly, the whole industry, modern industry, agricultural industrial park, in the province and even the whole country,Lijiang project does not have a big advantage in terms of scale, output value and speed, so it needs to highlight its advantages. It can even combine agriculture with processing of characteristic agricultural products, brand incubation and culture and tourism to create advantages.As a grassroots staff member, I have paid close attention to grassroots civil affairs for a long time.Civil affairs work is related to the vital interests of the grass-roots people, so we must be very serious and confident. This year, the state attaches great importance to civil affairs, and has invested a lot of money. We mainly want to make the following work fair, just and open.Because I have always been at the grassroots level and participated in the poverty alleviation work for five years. I have witnessed the poverty alleviation, achieved significant results, and also witnessed the great changes in rural areas.It is hoped that through the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy, rural areas will become more and more beautiful, civilized, clean and prosperous new countryside.Reporter/Editor Mu Hongdou/Editor Lin Tong/Hezhongxue News Hotline /0888 — 5122344© Lijiang Radio and Television Station