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Leaders stressed that China’s development is still in an important period of strategic opportunities at present and in the years to come, but both opportunities and challenges are undergoing new developments.In the New Year, local governments got off to a solid start led by innovation to promote high-quality development.Zoomlion intelligent mining robot, Zhejiang Key core technology research and application platform, Harbin Advanced Computing Center, West (Chongqing) Science City Germplasm Innovation Big Science Center, Hubei East Lake Science City core area, Suzhou Industrial Park national THIRD generation Semiconductor Technology Innovation Center R&D and industrialization base are reported.3.1 Changchun: Accelerating the Construction of a New Development Pattern An exclusive interview with Zhang Zhijun, Secretary of changchun Municipal Party Committee.3 things to do in Changchun 2022: Agriculture is the foundation.Taking the opportunity of building state-level agricultural high-tech industry demonstration zones, we will stabilize the agricultural base, accelerate agricultural transformation and upgrading, and improve the quality and efficiency of agriculture.We will strengthen the driving force of innovation.We will promote the transformation of pillar industries into intelligent ones and build emerging industrial clusters such as bio-medicine and optoelectronic information.At the same time, we will carry out major scientific and technological projects such as independent innovation in automobiles and high-speed intelligent bullet trains to tackle the problem of being stuck in a rut.We will improve the environment for private economic development and protect the property rights and legitimate rights and interests of all types of market entities in accordance with the law.Today, the huanggang-Huangshi high-speed railway in Hubei province began joint adjustment and trial, which will connect Wuhan with The Ganzhou-Shenzhen high-speed railway, further consolidating the high-speed rail network in central China and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.In 2022, breakthroughs will be made in key projects such as the Zhengzhou-Wanjiang High-speed Railway and the Darui and Lixiang railways, and 3,300 kilometers of new railway lines are expected to be completed and put into operation.# Infrastructure 4 Today’s essay continues to talk about the new development pattern, in fact, if careful, we can find that the title is consistent with today’s 3.1.Yesterday, I explained why we need to build a new economic pattern: The current economic growth trend will not meet the 2035 target. Therefore, we must change the old development pattern, adjust the self-slowing variables of the economy and reverse the continuous decline in economic growth.Today, I will introduce what is the development pattern.One of the characteristics of China’s conferences is that the conference conclusions published to the outside world have always been “strategically positioned”.As at the recently concluded Central Economic Work Conference, the downward pressure on the economy was spelled out in 12 words: shrinking demand, supply shocks and weakening expectations.As for whose demand, what supply, and who is expected, you will not be given a detailed explanation.So when most people see “pattern of development”, they don’t feel anything, because that word sums up so much.Fortunately, we have experts at the standing Committee level of the CPPCC National Committee who have made clear what lies behind the development pattern:Development pattern is the main economic variables, the pattern of development pattern, including total supply and total demand (aggregate supply here do not include intermediate input, aggregate demand does not include intermediate use), the pattern of production, distribution and spending, as well as the production, distribution, between each project in the spending pattern, also includes embedded in production, the import and export trade pattern of spending.In terms of a graph:Aggregate supply = domestic supply + total import + export supply demand = domestic demand = total demand from left to right is the production, distribution, spending (economic cycle may be summarized as production, distribution, circulation, consumption of four links, here from data availability, summarized as three link) (2) three link between the cycle of production is the starting point of circulation,The products produced can be classified as consumer goods (means of living), raw or investment goods (means of production), and public goods.Distribution is the result of production, including four projects and three departments.Laborer remuneration is distributed to laborer.Part of workers’ remuneration is used for consumption expenditure, for the purchase of consumer goods, and part is used for saving, which is converted into investment, for the purchase of investment goods.Operating surplus is allocated to the business.Is the balance of added value after deducting workers’ remuneration, net production tax and depreciation of fixed assets, which can be regarded as profit in a broad sense.Depreciation of fixed assets belongs to the enterprise.Some of the surplus is likely to be spent and most of it invested.Depreciation of fixed assets is used for reinvestment.The net production tax is distributed to the government.It is the difference between various taxes and fees levied by the government after deducting production subsidies to enterprises.Expenditure, or final demand, is the result of distribution, including household consumption, investment (fixed capital formation and inventory changes), and exports.For example, net production taxes are used for government consumption, the purchase of public goods.(3) Smooth development pattern requires balance among projects Smooth economic circulation development pattern requires balance among projects of production, distribution and expenditure, that is, the four “pipes” from left to right in Figure 2 should have the same diameter.If the diameter of a certain link is different, the thickness of the pipeline is different, and the development pattern is unbalanced, the economic cycle will be blocked. Therefore, it is required that: the output of consumer goods in the production link calculated according to the production price = residents’ disposable income in the distribution link (assuming that residents’ income is all used for consumption) = residents’ consumption expenditure in the expenditure link;Output of raw products or investment goods in the production link = depreciation of fixed assets in the distribution link + operating surplus (assuming that all operating surplus is invested) = investment in the expenditure link;Output of public goods in the production link = net production tax in the distribution link = government consumption in the expenditure link.Read so much today, read more is not easy to digest, tomorrow continue to see.Related article: What good can watching news network broadcast do?