Work flow of outpatient guide desk staff

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1. Arrive at the post 10 minutes in advance and make preparations such as arranging the list of experts on duty for the day, the first visit slip, admission certificate, diagnosis certificate, toilet paper, wheelchair, self-service machine printing paper, spare masks, etc. 2.According to the regulations of the hospital sense during the epidemic period, patients who come to the hospital are not allowed to go to the ward to seek medical treatment, and contact experts from all departments to the outpatient clinic for diagnosis and treatment.3. Supervise the sealing of the diagnosis certificate (content, date, signature of the doctor).4. Strictly carry out the cleaning and disinfection of the medical guide table and their respective auxiliary equipment.5. Assessment of outpatient pain patients and health education of pain knowledge.6. Change the bed list in the expert consultation room every day and do a good job of disinfection in the expert consultation room.7. Make regular visits to the hall, assist patients to apply for electronic medical cards, use self-service equipment in the hall, reasonably arrange patients’ waiting lists, examinations and other medical procedures, shorten waiting time, maintain medical order, and prevent people from gathering.8. Responsible for providing various convenient services to patients free of charge.Convenience facilities and articles are in good condition and ready for use by patients.Warm water and disposable cups are provided free of charge.For the elderly, infirm, mobility inconvenience, active reception, active help, free wheelchair services.9. The wheelchair shall be cleaned, maintained and disinfected regularly, placed in an orderly manner, and the matters needing attention for use and return time shall be explained in detail to the patients and their families.10. Assisted the physical examination center to print and check the body form, distributed the physical examination report, and trained the volunteers in the clinic to do various work.11. Report urgent or critically ill patients to doctors and assist in treatment.12. Distribute brochures to patients waiting in the lobby to provide them with necessary health science knowledge.13. Maintain the public facilities and environmental hygiene of the hall, actively discourage patients and their families from smoking and throwing garbage in the hall, and inform the location of the smoking area.14, pay attention to the coordination of doctor-patient relationship, in special cases such as: medical disputes in the hall, the medical guide should calm the patients and their families excited, and timely inform the outpatient department.15, before work, tidy up the medical guide desk items, do a good job of consulting service registration, inventory items, turn off the computer, power supply, to prevent the occurrence of accidents.