Foreign media still miscalculated, this domestic technology company has risen, direct attack Apple why not

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Hello, I am March.I don’t know when the mobile phone market seems to have formed a foregone conclusion, foreign Samsung Apple, domestic Huawei Millet, OPPO Vivo, plus the glory of separation will basically occupy the whole global market, other mobile phone manufacturers seem to have no ability to break into the mobile phone market.In the past, it was generally accepted that Samsung, Apple and Huawei were the first class, Xiaomi OPPO Vivo was the second class, and other mobile phones ranked the third. However, since Huawei was hit by sanctions, the pattern of the mobile phone market has slowly changed.At the end of last year, Xiaomi made an announcement that was praised and derided by some, putting xiaomi’s phones in the spotlight for a moment. It was to learn from Apple.But looking through 2021, it looks like Xiaomi really has it in its sights, and it’s working toward it.Some foreign media once said that Apple’s position in the mobile phone market is impossible to be shaken, not huawei in the past, nor the current mobile phone, but it may have overlooked one factor, the improvement of products will be recognized by users.It has to be admitted that Apple’s dominance in the mobile phone market is indeed very strong. Even Samsung, which ranks first in global shipments, is far behind Apple. Research shows that in the second quarter of 2021, Apple’s profit accounted for three quarters of the global smartphone market.Apple’s shipments may not be the largest, or even one-fifth of the world, but its profits are as high as three quarters of the global market. How crazy this figure is, and the profits of each iPhone are so large, which is no different from cheating consumers.It was also because of such data, so the domestic mobile phone manufacturers also have to go to the front against apple, and millet was a wishing well, filled with because from the past two years, global shipments of millet has gradually catch up with apple, in the last year also once beat apple to the world’s second, and even in the European market is the first.It is precisely because of the existence of such data, so we also believe that Xiaomi has the strength to rival Apple and surpass Apple.In fact, some data in 2021 can also find xiaomi’s growth. In the whole year of 2021, xiaomi’s high-end mobile phone shipments reached 24 million units, doubling year-on-year growth, and its annual shipments reached 190 million units, with a year-on-year growth of 30%, ranking third in the world.Xiaomi’s R&D expenditure is up to 13.2 billion yuan, up 42.3% year on year. It has made great innovation achievements in the field of imaging and charging chips, which makes high-end products more advantageous and more competitive.In fact, Xiaomi’s influence on the domestic mobile phone market can be said to be quite large, no Xiaomi may be mobile phone price is that high, no Xiaomi thousand yuan machine may be a waste, no Xiaomi may be shanzhai machine or everywhere, it can be said that the existence of Xiaomi let the whole mobile phone market in continuous forward.Today’s mobile phones have unimaginable strength, 1000 yuan phones are highly cost-effective, high-end flagships have their own unique advantages, domestic mobile phone manufacturers are constantly moving forward under the encouragement of their peers, Can Apple continue to maintain a leading position?The overall improvement of mi 12 series this year is huge, and the appearance design is considered to be a big improvement among xiaomi flagship phones. The Redmi K50 series, which has just been released, has three products with very high cost performance and the strongest price. The future of China’s science and technology needs more such Mi.