Give your child four good habits to develop before the age of seven for a promising future

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Have you ever met a kid like that?He can’t sit still. He seems to have hyperactivity?Some people say that our family is a little boy, hyperactivity is normal ah?But if over a certain age, or can not sit on the bench of children, it is likely to lower grades and levels of learning, because the child’s attention has not been cultivated.Nowadays, how many parents pay special attention to their children’s study, but ignore their behavior habits.Some parents think that their children’s behavior will change with age, but in fact, they are disappointed.Indeed, the best age for children to form habits is before the age of seven.A Harvard study found that education before the age of seven accounts for 80 per cent of a child’s future.Just look at how high 80% is!Does that mean it is too late to reeducate children after the age of seven?It doesn’t work at all, but parents need to pay a lot of hard work, in addition, children also need to take a lot of detours.And the children who have received good behavior habits before, can be said to be twice the result with half the effort, can be added to the shoulders of giants at any time.So, before the child is seven years old, we parents need to protect the children’s behavior habits?Habit 1: Develop Independent and Disciplined Habits If a mother is gentle and principled, her children will develop disciplined habits.First of all, parents should set rules for children, set the bottom line, and then set an example by parents, let children follow imitate and learn.Rules are to be said, the bottom line is not to be touched, parents to be a friend is worthy of children to learn and follow.And the independent habit is to let the child learn to do their own things, do their own responsibility.Habit two: pay attention to behavior behavior, is to let children in what kind of environment to do how to do things, say how to say.For example, in public places, it is not allowed to let children run loudly, and then in the case of elders, children can not eat at will with chopsticks, must wait for the elderly to start, children can start.In a word, these table etiquette masters must inform the child, which is of great benefit to the child’s future development.Who doesn’t like a man with good manners?What about people who respect people and are able to get their relationships right in the future?Habit three: Develop the habit of reading This is an electronic product, filled with our life of the era, but even in this case, there are still some families to read as a daily habit, if we can in the child before the age of seven, start to maintain a good reading habit, the child’s future will be beyond others.Habit four: the baby’s concentration because of the material wealth of the family now, this also leads to most of the children’s attention is relatively poor, but this is also the main reason for children’s poor academic performance.They can’t hear and certainly don’t understand what the teacher is saying because they can’t pay attention.Every time will strengthen, must be strong to exercise the child’s concentration, so that the child can adapt to the learning atmosphere at the fastest speed.In order to cultivate the full force of the child’s parents can also provide children with some educational games.On the way of parenting, we are all novices, how to take better care of children, you can pay attention to me, and I discuss those things on the way of parenting.