Ice blind box | Postcards here can talk…The Beijing Press Center is full of science and technology

2022-07-19 0 By

The Beijing Winter Olympics will open on February 4.It is reported that the opening ceremony will see the comprehensive application of artificial intelligence, AR, naked eye 3D and other technologies.For the first time, the bird’s Nest super large screen will realize full LBD image with 16K quality.The 2022 Beijing Press Center, the press base outside the stadium, has some hardcore technologies?In the interactive leisure area of “City of Double Olympics · Message”, journalists can make QR codes of Beijing’s unique city sounds, such as morning music of the Temple of Heaven, pigeon whistle of drum Tower and Winter Olympics subway, and print them on postcards. Friends and relatives can scan the codes to listen to the voices from Beijing.The media public working area is equipped with Leard 8K large screen and face recognition lockers, etc. Outside the working area, there is also a “Cloud Me Experience Hall” which integrates various technological innovations. It is understood that Cloud Me is a holographic display cabin, where everything can “Cloud meet” and achieve “real” interactive experience….From news and information service technology to the design of numerous interactive projects, the 2022 Beijing Press Center embodies strong “science and technology”.Producer/Xia Sifei/Yang Youhua/Liu Jianguang/Sheng Weishan/Zeng Yi/Wang Wei/Hu Rui, Wang Wei, Wang Liang/Wang Liang [Editor: Wang Liang][Source: Hunan Daily · New Hunan client]