Japanese officials have crooned that China’s “retreat” to Taiwan must be stopped and called on the G7 to put pressure on China

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Tensions were high between Russia and Ukraine during this period. When the lie of the 16th war was completely debunked, US President Joe Biden issued a new timetable. He said that Russia would launch an attack in the next few days or a week, but as before, he still did not provide any evidence.It’s just that, while the world knows that Washington is deliberately trying to create a sense of panic, eastern Ukraine is a giant tinderbox where a spark can set off an explosion.President Vladimir Putin has issued orders for reservists to be called up for military training and plans to personally command strategic deterrent exercises, during which ballistic and cruise missiles will be fired and Russia will retaliate if the West insists.Just at that time, in Japan jumped out of the move, according to media reports on February 19th, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Democratic Party of Japan President sato is long when present at a meeting, advocating never let Taiwan tomorrow in Ukraine today this kind of situation, the Japanese government must hold the above attitude to participate in the foreign interference in the future.He also said that the Taiwan straits and Ukraine issues are “exactly the same problem” and that both are caused by powerful external forces who want to use force to “change the status quo”, so g7 countries must be fully aware of this in order to jointly pressure China.In fact, this argument is not unusual, recently the United States and other Western countries have been hyped many times, but Masahisa Sato said more explicitly.What they are doing is just for one purpose: to forcibly conflate two completely different and unrelated issues, use the situation in Ukraine to escalate tensions across the Taiwan Strait, and then make political gains.However, the crisis in Eastern Ukraine is a diplomatic and military conflict between two sovereign states, Russia and Ukraine, while taiwan-related issues have always been China’s internal affairs. How can there be no difference?The western governments, including Masahisa Sato, are deliberately sowing discord by creating a discourse trap and treating the Taiwan region as “the country”. This is absolutely wrong.Take Another look at Masahisa Sato himself. He is a typical Japanese right-wing politician who has maintained close contacts with the Taiwan authorities and “Taiwan independence” elements for a long time. Moreover, he has repeatedly made wrong remarks on Taiwan-related issues.It is well known that The Japanese imperialists committed unspeakable crimes against China during world War II and colonized Taiwan for 50 years. Therefore, We cannot accept Japan’s interference in the Taiwan Straits issue.Combined with the recent speech of Japanese Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi, he threatened that if necessary, the Japanese Self-defense Force will send aircraft to bomb enemy territory, in other words, it not only has the ambition of sending troops to block our reunification, and even does not rule out taking advantage of the escalation of the situation between Russia and Ukraine, to launch a pre-emptive strike on China.But as the foreign Ministry spokesperson said, “No one should underestimate the determination and will of the Chinese people to safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity. Anyone who dares to challenge the Bottom line of the Chinese people will be beaten by his head and blood.”What is surprising is that while western forces are provoking outside, the Taiwan authorities are killing themselves internally, which is not at all reassuring.Taiwan authorities have passed amendments to the national Security Law and regulations on people’s Relations across the Taiwan Straits, media reported Wednesday, adding the crime of “economic espionage” to the law. Violators could face up to 12 years in prison and a fine of NT $100 million, but the move is widely seen as aimed at the mainland, although no one was named.However, no matter how much the “Taiwan independence” activists jump up and down, their fate of being unified will not change. On the contrary, the more rampant they are now, the worse they will cry when the PLA troops land in the future, and they will not be able to enjoy themselves for long.It won’t be long before we can recover Taiwan. It will be achieved in the hands of our generation.For more exciting content, follow Tian Liu Talk