More fun than winning an Olympic gold medal a refrigerator led to fantasy CP

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What was the best thing about participating in the Winter Olympics?That must be winning the championship.What’s better than winning the championship?Maybe the only way to win the championship is to get praise from your idol.Harbin girl Zhang Yuting, who just won the gold medal in the relay event of short track speed skating at the Beijing Winter Olympics, felt this rare luck.When she was on a live show the night before yesterday with wang Meng, the speed skating star and her idol, she was unexpectedly revealed that she had long liked Deng Lun.As luck would have it, Deng Was in the studio watching the live broadcast. When he received the Olympic champion’s “love”, he also responded generously: “You are a role model, come on ❤”.The sudden act of magic caught the millions of viewers watching live on screen off guard and gave them a handful of dog food.According to Wang Meng, before this Zhang Yuting and idol Deng Lun almost never had the intersection.The two mainly interact with each other by saying “hello” to their yunmi smart refrigerator, which has a large screen and is endorsed by Deng Lun.Because just a few years ago, this series of refrigerators launched a custom AI voice function, you can set Deng Lun’s voice to AI sound.Every time the large screen on the door is lit up, Deng Lun’s image appears and says, “Hi, I’m Deng Lun.”Whenever this time, wang meng also for shy Zhang Yuting say: “hi, I am the rain d.”, although is only idol virtual image, but also can feel Zhang Yuting is really like Deng Lun, believe that is also because of the idol of incentive, will only let her has been sticking to become better myself, eventually won the title of honor for the country.As for the yunmi refrigerator with a screen that says “Hi, I’m Deng Lun” mentioned by Wang Meng in the live broadcast, it naturally became a hot search as the topic became more popular.Many netizens concerned about smart home appliances have said that it is not surprising that this series of refrigerators are hot search, after all, it has been a popular online home appliances since its birth.Why is such an intelligent refrigerator that clearly looks incompatible with the mainstream able to be sought after by the majority of consumers?In fact, the essence of its innovation is not a gimmick, but can really bring happiness and convenience to our life.Cloud m domestic smart fridge and the door is, of course, is the main differences between traditional freezer on that piece of 21 inches hd touch screen, by the user to be able to screen streaming movies, TV, listening to music, listen, and even brush trill, multimedia entertainment anyway as long as you can imagine it basically can be achieved, it makes that the boring to cook many interesting life.It is no exaggeration to say that when the kitchen has yunmi smart refrigerator with large screen, the whole family will become more willing to cook. Many netizens reflect that their parents are rushing to cook, which shows how much charm the big screen has.In addition to multimedia entertainment, diversified life applications are also well received by users.For example, yunmi’s big-screen smart refrigerator has built-in online shopping mall service. When cooking, if you find something missing, you can place an order online immediately, which is convenient and fast.Or when there is a dish can not do, just talk into the refrigerator can find the recipe you want, from the preparation to the steps are very detailed graphic instructions, follow to ensure that you will not overturn the car.What is more magical is the whole house interconnection function of Yunmi with the large screen smart refrigerator as the core. Through the refrigerator, users can connect all yunmi smart appliances at home, check the running status of each device at any time on the large screen, and even operate it.Whether it is touch control or voice, can achieve one-stop easy “dispatch”.For example, the door can be opened remotely even in the kitchen. This series of magical operations full of sci-fi feeling is no longer a dream with yunmi large screen smart refrigerator.In this “Zhang Yuting chasing stars” under the boost of the event, yunmi large screen intelligent refrigerator is estimated to become the first half of this year’s popular model, if you haven’t had time to experience you can not hesitate, whether it is to buy back their own use or to parents are absolutely won’t regret nicechoice!