Taiyuan city supplies sufficient reserves, can meet the city’s residents more than 16 days of finished grain and oil supply

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Need to stock up on daily necessities in the grim situation of epidemic prevention and control?Don’t need to!On April 3, taiyuan government information office held a press conference, remind the general public not to panic, rational consumption, at present the city’s main life necessities and medical supplies are plentiful and rich products, stable prices, two level storage cities and counties in the city emergency finished product grain reserves of 36700 tons, small packaging 1870 tons of oil, can satisfy the residents in the city more than 16 days finished product grain and oil supply.It is reported that in view of the current situation of epidemic prevention and control in Taiyuan, the city has set up a special team for material security to ensure the supply of medicines and daily necessities for epidemic prevention and control.In terms of the supply of daily necessities, we will increase the market supply, actively coordinate the city’s major wholesale markets and large supermarkets, and increase the supply of grain, oil, meat, eggs, vegetables, milk and other major daily necessities.At the same time, contact shandong, Hebei and Yuncheng and other vegetable producing areas, strengthen the docking with large wholesale markets and supermarkets in Taiyuan, increase the supply of fresh vegetables.Contact coFCO, China Grain Storage Group, Hebei Wudeli Flour Group and other grain enterprises to increase the transfer of rice, flour and oil.At present, the city has 36,700 tons of emergency grain and 1,870 tons of small-package oil, which can satisfy the residents of the city for more than 16 days.Fresh agricultural products such as meat, eggs, vegetables and milk are in abundant supply.With the temperature gradually rising, Taiyuan city greenhouse vegetables have been listed, fully able to ensure the normal supply of the market.At the same time, taiyuan public security and traffic management departments have opened up a green channel for vehicles carrying daily necessities, to ensure that the city’s daily necessities and medical protection materials into the downtown.And implement and improve the municipal-level reserve system, carry out dynamic rotation of rice, noodles, oil, meat, instant noodles and other reserves to ensure the quantity and quality of reserves.In terms of medical protective materials reserve, Taiyuan has established two types of medical reserve systems: one is the central support for emergency supplies guarantee system construction reserve, which reserves drugs, medical instruments and protective materials in three categories, including 215 kinds of drugs, 4 kinds of medical instruments and 19 kinds of protective materials.The second is the increase of COVID-19 emergency medical supplies in Taiyuan.Two categories of medicines and protective materials are reserved, including 10 medicines and 16 protective materials.In addition, Taiyuan has stored nucleic acid testing reagents in accordance with the number of supplies for the second round of nucleic acid testing for all 5.5 million people.Early warning mechanism, at the same time, taiyuan, has established the prices on the 16 large supermarkets, wholesale markets for agricultural products and farmers’ markets and other key enterprises sales of the main daily necessities, medical protective equipment sales of part of pharmaceutical retail enterprises and the price level monitoring, daily summary statistics, establish parameter, analysis report, found that the anomalies, timely warning,Coordinate and resolve issues affecting supply at all times.Source: Shanxi Daily