The New Year is almost over and I am very comfortable by myself. How do you spend your annual leave?

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I am still a person this year, although I am a person, I feel very full, I like it very much.I prepared for the Spring Festival alone, originally did not think much to prepare for the Spring Festival shopping, but in the end I was still full, you guess how to do it?My New Year’s goods in addition to my own purchase, most of them are sent by others, I thought I was alone, did not expect there are so many people care about me, thinking about me.The first one to give me something was my mother: they all said that my mother was worried about traveling thousands of miles. My mother and stepfather worked on a boat and could not get off the boat during the Spring Festival. My parents were worried that I would have nothing to eat during the Spring Festival alone, so she prepared sausage for me at the beginning of the twelfth lunar month.After the sausage smoked, I took it to my sister, and then I took it when our company opened the annual meeting. It was full of more than ten pounds.In fact, they not only prepared sausages for me, but also my brother and sister, so I can see how much parents love their children!The second person who sent me something was my dad.Dad has always been very kind to me, because my job took me all over the county every day, either in the car or at every sewage treatment station.Whenever it rains or blows, my father will send me a text message or call me to ask where I am and remind me to pay attention to safety. Every time I hear it, I am particularly moved and warm.Originally I planned to wait for the Chinese New Year to go to see dad, but before I have a holiday, Dad let me go to their home, said that when I go back home, give dad’s mother (I call grandma) to bring something.When I went to know, dad prepared for me to do: beef jerky, spicy chicken, crisp meat, sausage and other things.Force it on me.So I am very, very touched and filled with endless gratitude.The third to send something to me is my cousin, cousin very early to call me to say that this year’s Chinese New Year in their home, I refused for a long time, the result is still not stubborn, so go.On New Year’s Eve, my cousin made a full table of dishes, very rich, because I was in their home for the New Year, he originally just wanted to complete a few hard dishes even, but for me to complete a full table, to the end there was a lot left.When he left, cousin pulled me down the kitchen, the crisp meat also give me plug, fried round also give me to take, and cold spicy chicken, fried dry fish, and cooked pork belly, red wine, etc.I wish I could get a piece of everything they have.Finally, I had no choice but to take a pig’s trotter and steamed mutton gege.My cousin treated me like a brother, so I’m very grateful to him.There are a lot of station teachers gave me a lot of things, there are pig’s feet, sausage, “two knife meat”, let me very moved, thank them very much.I thought that not many people would care about me except my parents, but unexpectedly, there are so many people who care about me, so it is impossible to live alone in this life.As I said before, the reunion dinner was at my cousin’s house, but I cooked it again after I got home.Because there is a custom here, that is, during the group year, we have to “call the old life”, that is, call the elders who have passed away to come back for the Spring Festival.I went to the group in my cousin’s home, but THERE are many of my dead elders did not call ah, so I did a meal, called my father, grandpa, grandpa and grandma, and stepfather’s father and mother.Because I am already an independent individual, although there is no home, but where I am their home, so I should invite them to dinner.On the first day of the lunar New Year, I went to the Yuntai Temple to see if MY body was still young and if I could climb the pagoda ladder, which is called the “ten-thousand-step ladder.”It’s also a gift to 2022.Finally, I insisted on finishing, and it took me 2 hours and 30 minutes to reach the summit, which was 30 minutes longer than two years ago. It seems that as I get older, my physical strength is still declining.The most obvious thing I’ve felt this year is that my legs have lost their strength, probably because rheumatism has affected my joints and slowed down my kicking.I think it is necessary to exercise, exercise exercise can check out the various functions of the body.This mountain climbing told me that people in middle age really have to strengthen exercise, exercise can make themselves not old.On the second, third and fourth day of the lunar New Year, I was on duty at a sewage treatment plant that could not recruit workers. The oil was changed and all kinds of production records were sorted out and made up.Watch video, read a book, drink tea.It’s quiet. I like it.New Year I I also plan to go fishing, because usually busy work, no time to do their own want to do and can not do things, I hope to find work here today.Maybe a lot of people will ask me why I didn’t go to visit relatives and friends during the Spring Festival and why I paid so little attention to family love.I just want to say, in the year before, I should go to the elders where I have been.I don’t have to go to the New Year, because I am now a person, go out everywhere to pay New Year’s greetings, eat at home, feel bad.I also feel that the meaning of Chinese New Year has changed now, I usually deal with people, the Chinese New Year holiday, finally do not need to socialize, the Chinese New Year and go here and there, I feel particularly annoying.So I hope I can do what I want to do in the New Year, and don’t have to go to social and social gatherings.I can cook what I want to eat, drink what I want to drink, it’s very free, I feel comfortable.How do you spend your annual leave?How’s it going?