Tianjin Free Trade Zone Court held open training exchange

2022-07-19 0 By

In order to deeply implement the “three in one” work of intellectual property trial and actively respond to the “reform of the trial level function positioning of the four-level courts”, Tianjin Free Trade Zone Court has enriched a number of experienced criminal and administrative judges for Beitang Science park Court (Intellectual Property Court).In order to further strengthen the court and binhai – zhongguancun park enterprise communication, interpretation of intellectual property rights protection policy, at the same time help the policemen quickly adapt to knowledge production trial work, shorten the role transformation period, recently, north pond technology park court to the pond bay branch company, held a titled “weekend and enjoy hui – came to protect those things” open training activities.All the court officers and representatives of some enterprises in the park attended the exchange.Training phase, the President jin yan and hong-jie zhang, li hui, a judge and judge assistant white sea Dijon, clerks white qian Bridges bases respectively introduces the history of the court, the court culture, team building, work target, and about the infringement trademark case, works of information network transmission right cases such as the trial of cases related to intellectual property right thinking and working experience, clerks work practice, etc.In the stage of discussion and exchange, we will discuss the trademark protection strategy with enterprises in the park and discuss how to strengthen trademark protection, strengthen brand management and enhance brand value.Representatives of enterprises and officers attending the meeting have said that the training activity in a novel form, is not only a service enterprise “open class”, but also a dry goods full of “training class”, detailed and down-to-earth, after listening to the harvest is great.In the future, the court will continue the “open classes” through different forms to better help enterprises upgrade professional skills and stimulate innovation vitality.