White Pagoda Temple built during the Western Xia Dynasty

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The “White Pagoda Temple” created during the Western Xia dynasty is a famous tourist attraction in Wuwei area and an important historical event, which makes Tibet return to the territory of the motherland.Master Saban enters the main entrance of the scenic spot, and a golden statue of Saban stands on the Round square…In Indo Tibetan, it’s a legend.Some people say that at the age of nine, he could teach sutras, at the age of 18, he could learn zhushe Theory, at the age of 23, he could practice sanzang and Wuming theory, and at the age of 24, he wrote Zhengli Zang Theory and Sanlu Yi Theory, which even broke the cult at that time.Shaban enjoys a high reputation in India. Six masters from India, such as Chuchegawa, came here to criticize Buddhism. After 13 days of fierce debate, Shaban won with his intelligence and eloquence, so that people like Shaban were convinced and worshiped him as their teacher.The master of Sakya Temple was only 35 years old.Saban’s writings and Sagarg’s sayings play an important role in the history of Tibetan Buddhism and literature.There are ninety-nine small white pagodas around it, forming a tallinn, hence the name Hundred Pagoda Temple.”Wuwei City annals” records: “a big tower, ninety-nine outer ring.”Outside Tallinn, and further ahead, is the true location of the Great Saban Spire.It is obvious that the tower has become a dilapidated building.Saban in the white pagoda after the silence, the beginning of the construction of a 16-storey tower, more than 40 meters high, around more than 60 meters, saban skeleton buried in the tower.The stone tablet of Liangzhou Alliance “The Meeting of Liangzhou” and “the meeting of Liangzhou” are both important events in the history of China.This negotiation made Tibet officially become an administrative division directly under the Yuan Dynasty of China, and also marked that Tibet officially entered the territory of the motherland.Tibetan religious leader Shaban had “talks” with Mongolian representative and commander of the Western Route Army Guangduan.The White Pagoda Temple in Wuwei has witnessed the history of Tibet in China for more than seven hundred years.Saban Linggu Pagoda is a Tibetan lama pagoda, is a memory and memory of saban Temple.After the construction of linggu White Pagoda, Ba Siba G succeeded the Grand master of the Yuan Dynasty, personally presided over the ceremony of enlightenment and calm.Since then, dongyanxia Temple renamed white Pagoda temple, ba Siba, after Saban, continued to take charge of the temple, and built more than 50 small pagodas according to the Ming Xuande five years (1430) rebuilt the stone monument of Liangzhou White pagoda temple, emperor Saban built a pagoda 100 zhang high here.Since then, all worshipers from the Tibetan Plateau and the Mongolian steppe have to go to the top of the pagoda to worship Buddha.