Wuyi County Branch of Hengshui Ecological environment Bureau held a training meeting on effectiveness assessment of law enforcement work scheduling method

2022-07-19 0 By

On March 14, the Wuyi Branch of Hengshui Ecological environment Bureau held a training session on law enforcement work scheduling and law enforcement effectiveness assessment. All law enforcement officers attended the meeting.The meeting conveyed the spirit of the city’s law enforcement scheduling meeting on March 11, notified our county since this year administrative punishment, environmental letters and visits problem handling, “double random one open”, online monitoring, electricity meter and other work to carry out the situation, analyzed the existing problems, and the next step to improve the efficiency of law enforcement arrangements and deployment.The meeting required all law enforcement personnel to improve their political standing, adhere to help and guidance, actively help enterprises find and solve potential environmental problems, make full use of off-site law enforcement means such as meter metering and online monitoring, guide enterprises to consciously abide by the law, take the initiative to control pollution, and strive to improve the level of enterprise environmental governance.