Zhucheng grasp the development strategic opportunity period bite the project construction does not relax

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Recently, Shandong Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology and Jinan Branch of The People’s Bank of China jointly released the guiding Catalogue of Key Projects of Shandong Enterprise Technological Transformation in 2022.Zhucheng Foton Times Pilot MICRO card W1 technical transformation, Oyang hydrogen energy and CNG gas supply system industrialization, Aitech high-end non-road machinery equipment industrialization, Daye radial tire wire cord intelligent transformation and other 20 projects were selected, the number of selected projects accounted for 26.3% of Weifang, ranking the first among all counties and urban areas.Of these projects, 13 are among the top 10 industries that are replacing old growth drivers with new ones, such as high-end equipment, new materials and high-end chemicals, and seven are in industries with advantages in the action plan, such as textiles and clothing and food.When all these projects are completed and put into operation, the annual sales revenue will increase by 26 billion yuan, the profit will increase by 1.7 billion yuan and the tax will increase by 640 million yuan.Zhucheng anchor “of strong city from industry, industry first” strategy is not shaken, biting projects do not relax, to project investment effect on landing hero, actively guide enterprise to seize the superior policy gold period, take the initiative to grasp the development period of strategic opportunities, implementation of zero increase technological upgrading, through the way such as deposit quantity and improving benefit per mu, the release of production capacity, stability, growth,We boosted sustained and sound economic and social development.At the same time, we should strengthen coordination services, make overall plans for factor resources guarantee, strengthen project scheduling, timely coordinate and solve the problems restricting project construction, and ensure the smooth implementation of the project.At the same time, strengthen policy publicity, create a strong atmosphere of “grasp technological transformation, expand demand, strengthen investment, steady growth”, and promote the high-quality development of the city’s industrial economy with high-quality technological transformation projects.In recent days, in zhucheng Songyuan Wood Industry Co., LTD. Export furniture intelligent transformation project construction site, machinery roar, construction personnel are nervous and orderly work, showing a hot and busy scene.Zhucheng Songyuan Wood industry Co., Ltd. is the key leading enterprises in Shiqiaozi town.According to Chen Hongbao, general manager of the company, this year in the town party committee, government support, the new export furniture intelligent transformation project, a total investment of 120 million yuan, building area of 14100 square meters, the new purchase of 150 sets of equipment.After the completion of the project, it is expected to increase the annual output value by 300 million yuan and realize the profit and tax of 23 million yuan.”Key projects are an important way to stabilize investment and boost the economy.We have made scientific planning and actively responded, focusing on epidemic prevention and control and economic development at the same time, ensuring that projects do not lag behind and economic development grows steadily.”Shiqiaozi town in charge of industrial production chairman Tian Ming said.In shandong AvIC Teda Composite Material Co., LTD. ‘s paving workshop, stripping workshop and debugging workshop, the staff wear masks in a standard manner, and perform their respective duties in their respective jobs in an orderly manner, and the production of the enterprise is basically stable.Since the beginning of this year, the company has overcome the adverse factors such as the epidemic situation and made great efforts to expand the market. It has established strategic cooperative relations with enterprises and research institutes such as Jiangbei Company of Sanjiang Aerospace Group and Shandong Institute of Non-metallic Materials to ensure the balance between epidemic prevention and control and production and operation.The construction of major projects is an important way to boost demand and maintain steady growth, and we must focus on it to the end.On the premise of ensuring the safety of prevention and control, Zhuzhou city strengthened responsibility, paid close attention to the implementation of projects, and went all out to promote the construction of economic projects.During the epidemic, departments and units at all levels went to the front line, took the initiative and coordinated work to escort the sound development of enterprises.In Zhucheng Zhigou Town Wantong casting project construction site, excavators shuttle back and forth, the project construction is in full swing;At the site of the Taoli Wenyuan resettlement project, the construction of 12 high-rise apartments is also well underway.Zhigou town strengthens docking with enterprises, instructs enterprises to handle land use and start work procedures, and does a good job in service and factor security.The main economic indicators will be decomposed, specific plans will be implemented in detail, duties and responsibilities will be fulfilled to the end, and practical actions will be taken to ensure that zhigou Town’s economy will not go “downhill, slow and slow” during the epidemic.(Dazhong Newspaper • Dazhong Daily client reporter Zhang Peng, correspondent Li Fang)