All hell is breaking loose! Harland’s future is in doubt!9 champions negotiate first, 6 champions miracle brewing

2022-07-20 0 By

The hottest new players in football today are kylian Mbappe and James Harland, with harland’s future attracting a lot of fans’ attention.Ligue 1 champions Paris grande are also in the running for him.Originally about harland’s whereabouts, the fans thought that real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester City have a real chance of landing him.Because players want to go to the top teams.Real Madrid.Barcelona and Manchester City qualify as the giants of their respective leagues.Secondly, players have a very high demand for salary. The annual salary of 30 million euros is not affordable for the general big teams.Even Barca would need to sell 50 percent of the team’s media company to raise $150 million to sign Harland.But the greater Paris side are considering the possibility of Mbappe’s official departure in the future.They have also opened a bid for Harland and are currently in pre-emptive talks with his agent Matthias Laiola.After this meeting Laiola also sent a message to clubs all over Europe that harland belongs to whoever pays the most, which throws the question of his future into confusion.Greater Paris as not poor money of the gold dollar football team, naturally is quite optimistic at present.Raiola, one of football’s most greedy agents, wants Harland’s next agent to take pogba, another of his clients.Only Greater Paris can afford to land two superstars with salaries of more than 20 million euros in one summer.Harland’s future is now in doubt, and if The grand Parisians take down harland and Pogba, they can start their quest for a sixth title.