Cut out tiger Tiger New Year flavor, Pinghu Lichang community to carry out handcut window activities

2022-07-20 0 By

It is a traditional custom to cut paper-cuts during the Spring Festival to express people’s good wishes for the New Year and their new life.Recently, Pinghu street lichang community Party Committee, the party group service center to carry out the “hands cut window, happy Spring Festival” activities, to create a happy and peaceful Spring Festival atmosphere, and community residents experience the charm of traditional paper-cut culture.The activity began with the joyful song of “Happy Another Year”, and the game of drumming and passing flowers made the activity scene very lively.The ball is quickly passed in the hands of the participating members. With the stop of the music, who has the ball in their hands will say their wishes for the New Year.”I think the most important thing is good health. Health is the foundation of revolution.”Everyone expressed their hopes for the future.Followed by important cut grilles link, with the “click” sound, moral good, unique style of window between scissors with a fall, graphically show come out, lifelike little tiger, good luck in the New Year, lantern firecrackers, god of fortune, “spring” word shape such as design, good wishes for the New Year performance incisively and vividly.A pair of scissors, a piece of red paper, for the community to add a festive “Chinese red”.This community cut window activity not only cut out the New Year’s blessing, but also cut out the harmonious community atmosphere.Review: Yu Fanghua, Jiang Zhuxuan