Don’t get married unless you buy a fancy car?The bride hates the wedding car because it is too old and wants the groom to buy a luxury car

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# LocalSpoiler # Bride wants groom to buy luxury car, no marriage.When the groom went to meet her, the bride refused to go out and asked the groom to buy her a luxury car, and she had to buy a new one. If she did not buy it, she would not get married, and she did not give the groom any face.Why does the bride want the groom to buy a luxury car?The bride disliked the wedding car was too old and did not want to get on the wedding car. She also said that her bestie had bought a luxury car when she got married. She also wanted the groom to buy a luxury car for her, or she would not get married.When getting married, there are a lot of ways, some of the groom is driving to receive, some of the groom is carrying the sedan chair to receive, and some of the groom is walking to receive, the way of receiving is varied.The most common way to pick up is to drive a car to pick up the bride’s car called the wedding car, but some brides will abandon the wedding car is too old, do not want to get on the car, ask the groom to change the car.The groom arranged the banquet in the restaurant, he married to be held in the restaurant wedding, wedding day the groom took the group of brothers to the bride’s home to meet, pick up the bride’s wedding car is the groom’s sister to the groom, that is not a new car, is the groom’s sister for luxury car to him.The groom went to the bride’s house, the bride asked him what car he was driving, the groom said his sister gave the car, the bride listened to the face became very bad.The bride refused to go out, did not want to take the wedding car, abandoned the wedding car is too old, also said that the groom’s sister is too stingy, have a luxury car to drive their own, give the groom no car, do not think for the groom.After listening to what the bride said, the groom felt very uncomfortable. He knew very well what kind of person his sister was. He said that his sister could buy a luxury car because her sister had the ability.Despite the groom’s words, the bride asked the groom to buy her a luxury car, a new one, and to buy it right away.The groom looked at the time, soon to ji, let the bride don’t make, there are a lot of guests waiting in the restaurant, late will be others joke, the bride said they are the leading role of the wedding, let the guests wait.The bride’s unreasonable let the groom was very embarrassed, the groom told the bride to get married first, and then to accompany her to buy a car, but the bride still refused, the bride said her bestie bought a luxury car when they got married, if she married without a luxury car will be looked down upon by her bestie.The bridegroom tried to persuade her for a long time, but she could not be persuaded, so the brothers who connected the family group could not stand it and began to talk to her. However, the bride scolded her, saying that it was between her and the groom, and they had no right to manage it. After being scolded, the brothers did not dare to speak out.The groom felt that the bride was disrespectful to him, and did such things at the time of their marriage. Moreover, in front of so many people, he couldn’t stand it, so he quarreled with the bride.The bride pointed at the groom and said that if she didn’t buy her a luxury car, she would not get married.The bride refused to budge, leaving the groom embarrassed, but the bride’s sister recorded the moment and shared it online, sparking heated debate online.For this matter, some netizens said, also do not know whether the bride really love the groom, for a car said not to get married, if her bestie wedding, built a villa, does she also want the groom to build a villa for her to get married?There are so many guests waiting for them in the restaurant, but she put the groom in a difficult position by refusing to get married because of a car. It’s too much.In my opinion, the bride should not be so difficult to the groom, the groom has promised her to take her to buy a car after marriage, but she insisted that the groom immediately to buy, but also to be used as the wedding car, buy a car is not immediately can open, there are a lot of procedures need to be done, the procedures can be done.If the bride tells the groom not to get married because of a car, it will make the groom very sad. The groom will think that the bride does not love him, but only loves a luxury car, which will affect their relationship.The bride wants the groom to buy a luxury car for her because her best friend bought a luxury car when they got married. She doesn’t want to look down on her best friend. There is no need to compare with her best friend.Everyone’s economic condition is different, there is no comparison. If her best friend looks down on her because she doesn’t have a luxury car, then it’s not really a good best friend. A good best friend will not look down on her because of these things.The groom to meet, the bride don’t embarrass the groom, but also let the sisters don’t embarrass the groom, the groom is the leading role of the wedding, if difficult to the groom, let the groom make a fool of himself, it will affect the groom’s mood, may lead to the wedding can not be held smoothly.Those brothers saw the bridegroom was embarrassed by the bride, all help to persuade the bride, they did a very good job, they also want to help the bridegroom to solve the problem, but the bride is ungrateful, but also scolded them.If the bride has a problem, there are requirements, can be put forward before the marriage, and the groom to discuss the solution, do not wait until the marriage then put forward problems, put forward requirements, so it is easy to delay the wedding.Marriage is a happy event, there will be a lot of guests to attend the wedding, the bride and groom to do all the preparations, do not make mistakes, not to mention in the wedding conflict, some bad things happen in the wedding, is to be laughed at by the guests.When getting married, the most important thing is to make the wedding go smoothly. For those things that are not very important, if the wedding is delayed because of some small things, it is not good.For more exciting content, follow temperature talk society