Guangdong many places report!Be alert to mountain fires during Tomb-sweeping Day

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Spring is high incidence of forest fires period especially in the mountain before and after the qingming festival to worship ancestors are more likely to cause fire qingyuan Britain reported recently in fire burned area of 232.7 mu “ancestor worship” trigger fires qingyuan procuratorial organs in accordance with the law to Sue on March 29, the Germany city attorney for wildfires sparked “ancestor worship” clear case the defendant luo so-and-so to Sue.The case caused a large number of trees burned, burned a total of 232.7 acres.On March 12, 2022, a forest fire broke out in a mountainous area in Huanghua Town, Yingde City, causing a large number of trees to be burned.On March 14, the Public Security Bureau of Yingde city put the case on file for investigation. On March 22, the People’s Procuratorate of Yingde City took the initiative to send officers to investigate the case, understand the situation of the case, and guide the public security organs to quickly investigate and collect evidence.On March 25, yingde City public Security Bureau transferred luo’s suspected fire crime case to Yingde City Procuratorate for examination and prosecution.According to the investigation, on March 12, 2022, the defendant Luo xx and her family members carried out tomb Sweeping day ancestor worship activities in a mountain area of Huanghua Town, Yingde City.Around 10 o ‘clock, luo and others lit incense and firecrackers around the cemetery.At about 13:30 on the same day, luo and others left the scene, the forest fire.Through identification: the total area of the fire for 232.7 acres, including woodland 44.4 acres, 188.3 acres of shrubs.The defendant, Luo, voluntarily surrendered to the public security organ on March 14 and truthfully confessed her criminal behavior.After examination, the procuratorial organ believes that the defendant Luo xx negligence caused the forest fire, burned forest area of more than 2 hectares, its behavior violated the “Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China” article 115 paragraph 2 provisions, shall be investigated for criminal responsibility for the crime of fire.On March 28, the People’s Procuratorate of Yingde City simultaneously accepted the case clues of public interest litigation, and on the same day, the case was registered as civil public interest litigation attached to the criminal case.On the morning of March 12, luoding Public Security Bureau 110 received a report that someone illegally used a fire in a mountain field in Luojing Town, Luoding City, and started a mountain fire.After the investigation and verification of the public security organs, peng, pan is in violation of the “Luoding City people’s government forest fire prohibition order” provisions, in luoding city a town a village committee a mountain worship during the burning incense candles, firecrackers, burning ingot-paper money and other forest fires.After investigation, Peng mou, pan mou to its illegal field fire caused by forest fire violations confessed.Current, public security mechanism already lawfully to peng mou, dish mou makes administrative detention 10 days processing, the case is in further investigation.On the afternoon of March 8, yunan County Qianguan town Yunxiao village committee Yunxiaokou village late pond pit of a small range of mountain fire, the public security organs investigation, the mountain fire is yunxiao village committee Peng xx violation of forest fire prohibition order, to the field with fire smoking cigarette butts carelessly caused.Peng has been dealt with by the public security organs in accordance with the law.On the afternoon of March 8, yu Nan county Guixu town Jiangzui village committee needle chong village tsui foot mountain occurred in a small range of mountain fire, the public security organs investigation, the fire is jiangzui village committee Huang some violation of forest fire prohibition order, to the wild grass inadvertently caused by fire.Huang mou has been handled by public security organs in accordance with the law.On March 12, the Public security Bureau of Jiexi County, Jieyang City received a report that a mountain fire occurred in Changtan Village, Sankwun Tang, Jingxi Town.After receiving the report, the police immediately went to the scene to investigate, after a detailed scene investigation, a large number of visits to the investigation, the preliminary investigation confirmed that a woman in the mountain nest in the construction of soil cooking stove cooking food, the fire caused by the fire, and in the afternoon of the woman arrested.March 13, Jieyang City jiexi County Town Road village committee chicken cage top mountain fire.Jiexi County public Security Bureau received the report, quickly sent to the scene, in the Town of Grey Village road captured involved suspect Wen mou.After investigation, the same day at noon, Wen mou in his father’s cemetery next to the bamboo forest cleaning weeds, its carrying lighter accidentally fell to ignite the surrounding dry bamboo leaves and triggered the fire.March 14, Jiexi County public security bureau in Jieyang City received a report that dingtangling mountain fire occurred in Longtan Town Longyue Village.After receiving the report, the police immediately rushed to the scene investigation and evidence, caught the suspect liu involved on the spot.After investigation, Liu in ding Tang Ling mountain tomb, accidentally ignited dry weeds, then triggered a wildfire.At present, wen mou and other 3 people have been taken legal measures according to law.Related cases are under further investigation.News know more: Qingming fire prevention how to do?1. Promote civilized tomb sweeping and promote smoke-free sacrifice.To strictly observe the tomb fire regulations, especially in the forest, weeds dense area strictly prohibit the use of open fire, burning paper money.2. Paper and incense should be burned at the designated place.Burning incense and paper near woods, meadows and haystacks should be avoided to prevent inadvertent outbreaks of fire.3. When driving to the cemetery, obey the site management and do not park your vehicle on the fire escape.Do not occupy or block fire escape.4. In the field, to strictly abide by the field fire management regulations, do not throw cigarette butts, do not leave fire.5. Paper burning should be carried out in a pre-delineated flame retardant fence or in a dug pit.Flame retardant fence should be made of materials that are not suitable for combustion and should have a certain height to prevent combustion from floating out with rising heat flow.6. Prevent children from playing with fire and teach them not to play with fire at will.How to escape from a forest fire?If you cannot escape safely, you should use the following methods for self-rescue: ① Avoid danger in time and leave the dangerous area quickly. Nearby rivers, lakes or places with sparse vegetation are relatively safe.(2) Cover your mouth and nose with wet clothes when escaping, pay attention to the wind direction, choose the side wind route to escape, do not run downwind.Do not try to hide in a cave.Qingming will come, forward to know!(Source: Guangzhou Daily comprehensive release of Qingyuan, Pingan Yunfu, Yunan Public Security bureau, Jieyang Public Security Bureau, Yangcheng Evening News part of the article/Guangzhou Daily · New Huacheng reporter: Cao Jing) * If you have copyright problems, please contact this website for handling.