I am in the Spring Festival | Yan ‘an holy Land by my guard

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Yan ‘an is an important birthplace of the Chinese nation, but also the holy land of The Chinese revolution. Chairman MAO and other revolutionaries of the older generation lived and fought here for 13 years, led the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression and the War of liberation, and cultivated the Yan ‘an spirit. Yan ‘an is the national patriotism, revolutionary tradition and The Yan ‘an spirit of the three education bases.Xifeng district forest fire brigade all fire rescue personnel across more than 300 kilometers of snow mobile, stationed here, only during the Spring Festival, watch the lights of the holy land, protect the people’s livelihood in the old area.With the arrival of the Lunar New Year, the People’s Daily use of fire, firecrackers and graves burning paper frequency increased, fire prevention pressure is increasing day by day.Yan ‘an garrison team ahead of communication with the local party committee government coordination, make sacrifice in suzhou, banned fireworks, civilization through the local mainstream media to broadcast propaganda, that enjoy rock invites exhibit hold on forever, and the phoenix mountain in key areas such as fire prevention duty, with the local fire inspection station personnel to carry out the joint on duty, to set up checked posts inspection and line patrol,The holy Land of the Red Revolution should be firmly fortified against fire.Yan ‘an forest scenery forever management station master sun sigh a way: “the arrival of the forest fire team, let’s fire pressure decreasing, the forest fire fighters during the Spring Festival on New Year’s day, with us to carry out fire prevention duty, although not belong to the same unit, but the duties are the same, all is for the sake of our ‘jinshan silver from erosion by fire!””Can a blow put out a fire?””This is the wind fire extinguisher, the fuel is a mixture of oil and gasoline, blow, pressure, pick, scatter, cut, sweep and other ways to fight the young forest or secondary forest fire, grassland fire, barren hill grass slope fire” in the scenic spot, grade 3 firefighter Yang Yalin is explaining to the tourists one by one.”Hello children, this is our fire propaganda posters, to you to learn to comply with ah!””Mom, I want to take a picture with these firemen!”The forest firefighters on duty here insist on doing a good job in forest fire prevention and suppression work at the same time, the front-line investigation, to assist the scenic spot to maintain order, strict epidemic prevention and control, to ensure fire safety and epidemic prevention and control double insurance, to create a safe playing environment for the masses, won the scenic spot staff and the masses praise.Love to castle peak this life is predestined relationship, love to the green water life and death unchanged “return to the troop bus sounded the song, they know: no matter where, the green water castle peak guard will always be the heart of the love.