Jet Li’s bid of 100 million yuan scared off Huang baiming, donnie Yen’s bid of 3 million yuan, easily won IP Man

2022-07-20 0 By

Jet li one hundred million (Raymond wong bak Ming deterred, donnie yen bid 3 million, ace leaf ask, believe that everyone had seen the film IP man, a total of four, starring donnie yen, the investor of this movie is Raymond wong bak Ming, in those days after get the script, just want to find a suitable actor, to star in leaf asked, first think of is jet li,But at the time director Peter said to him, li paid too high can’t afford, with jet li made his original warlords, although is the friendship price, but li took the paid $1, but Raymond wong bak Ming or look for jet li, Jacob also gave a friendship price, go to the wall and then find the Jackie chan eldest brother, Jackie chan and Raymond wong bak Ming know for many years,Said of his 70 million can play, can Raymond wong bak Ming doesn’t have so much money, so don’t consider please famous actor, after the friend introduced, found donnie yen, says he is also a very good actor, but there has been no fame, Raymond wong bak Ming find donnie yen, he also very happy, not a male one, donnie yen was alsoAfter 3 million, Raymond wong bak Ming agreed directly, donnie yen also fulfill a wish when the leaf asked the male one, released after a high praise, the box office is also very good, really let Raymond wong bak Ming made a lot of money, and finally in the fourth, and last one, group or team before, but donnie yen has not before donnie yen, has become a first-line star,Also with Huang Baiming to a hundred million pay, but before the three have made the boss full pot full, so readily agreed to a hundred million pay, many netizens said Huang Baiming, after all, still can not escape a hundred million pit.