Jinjiang City spring kindergarten how to charge?Here comes the standard!

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Jinjiang Municipal Bureau of Education announced the kindergarten 2022 spring charging standard.The standard of nursery education fees charged by privately-run kindergartens shall be determined by kindergartens according to the cost of running kindergartens, market demand and other factors, which shall be publicized to the public and subject to the supervision of price departments and education administrative departments.The education fees for collective kindergartens (including pre-schools attached to public primary schools) and universal private kindergartens shall be no higher than 1.5 times and 2 times of the standard of public kindergartens of the same level at the same time.2. Nursery education fees are charged by semesters, and each semester is calculated by 4.5 months.Children in the YuanHou dropout refund, public kindergarten (including the nature of the public garden) according to the measures for the administration of the fujian provincial kindergarten fees (fujian premium [2018] no. 158) spirit to perform “children out-of-school after payment or within 2 months after I started (2 months) required to turn garden, garden, park, kindergarten should press carries expends the specified amount of 50% refund conservation education;No refund will be given to the nursery education fee if more than 2 months are transferred, withdrawn, or left for personal reasons.”According to the Implementation Rules for Private Education Fee Management of Fujian Province (Minfa Service Price [2019] No. 394), private kindergartens shall be returned according to 70% of semester tuition and accommodation fee if they have not enrolled in the school or have not enrolled in the school for less than one month after payment;The tuition fee and accommodation fee will not be refunded if the student is enrolled for more than one month after payment.3. In addition to charging the nursery education fee and the prescribed agency fee, kindergartens shall not charge additional fees for running experimental classes, special classes and interest classes.The kindergarten is “only responsible for meals, child health care and one-off charges for bedding, cutlery and toiletries (only for day care)”.The meal fee shall be charged according to the actual number of days in the park.Agency fees must be set up separately, and according to the semester settlement, at the end of each semester to children’s parents announced the settlement results, more refund less fill.4. The kindergarten should conscientiously do a good job, the education fee of the public accept social supervision, actively by establishing board, GongShiPai, public wall form, such as the guardian of the public charging items, charging standards and charging basis and supervision telephone and other related content, to the city, the town (street), level 3 of the public kindergarten, at all levels of the public content in accordance with the actual charges.5. If found in violation of the higher charge policy, not according to the provisions of the education fee publicity, do not adhere to the voluntary and non-profit principles to collect fees from children’s parents and other behaviors and the existence of “large class amount” phenomenon, can be reported to the town (street) education Commission (education) office or relevant departments.6. Starting from the autumn of 2021, children entering the kindergarten are collectively referred to as “freshmen”, and the “nursery education fee” applies the freshmen fee standard. The “agency fee” in the public form only refers to the first semester of children entering the kindergarten according to the “freshmen” standard.Qingyang Street, Meiling Street, Xiyuan Street, Luoshan Street, Lingyuan Street, Xintang Street, Chendai Town, Chidian Town, Cizao Town, Neikeng Town, Anhai Town, Dongshi Town, Yinglin Town, Jinjing Town, Shenhu Town, Longhu Town, Yonghe Town, Zimao Town, Xibin Town