Look at Lu Xun from a different Angle: acerbic, eccentric and serious, slovenly and a moneymaker

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Article: Jinjiang Hermit figure: from the network “afraid of classical Chinese, afraid of writing a composition, afraid of Zhou Shuren”!In the Chinese cultural circle, Lu Xun is a god-like existence, second only to Confucius as a cultural sage.However, in the eyes of the commanders of the May 4th New Culture War, there are many differences between the Lu Xun they know and the Lu Xun we know.Lu Xun was a great man, but also a human being. He had to work and earn money to support his family. He also had to get along with his brothers, sisters, relatives and friends.Today, let’s talk about Mr. Lu Xun who is different from you.Mr. Lu Xun, the millionaire of the May 4th New Culture Movement, was originally the Ministry of Education commissioner, earning 359 dollars a month for 14 years.This salary was quite high at that time, enough to allow Lu Xun to live a moderately affluent life.However, Lu Xun was not satisfied with this. He was restless. Through various channels, he taught part-time in seven or eight schools, such as Beijing Women’s Normal School and Chinese University, and earned an extra 60 dollars a month.However, Lu Xun was not content with the status quo. As the standard-bearer of the New culture Movement, he picked up his pen and kept writing, writing and writing.Mr. Lu Xun has no trouble publishing his articles.At his peak, Mr. Lu Xun could get $20 for a thousand words.In August 1926, Lu Xun left Beijing for Xiamen University, where he was a research professor at Xiamen University College with a monthly salary of RMB 400.In February 1927, Lu Xun was employed as dean of literature department and dean of educational affairs at Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou with a monthly salary of 500 yuan.Thus, the 54 period is the true sense of respect for teachers and the best period!After settling down in Shanghai, Lu Xun became a freelance editor and made a living by selling articles, relying on royalties, remuneration and editing fees.According to statistics, Lu Xun’s lifetime income is about 1.2 million yuan.This figure is relatively accurate.Because Mr. Lu Xun had the good habit of keeping a diary, to all the income and expenditure, are detailed records.In 1919, Lu Xun bought a three-way courtyard in Peiping, with about 30 rooms, which cost him 3,500 yuan.Today, a hundred years later, this three-way courtyard, worth several hundred million.Therefore, Lu Xun prospered in Beijing and Shanghai by virtue of his cultural soft power. He was not a poor scholar or abjection scholar as we thought.The May 4th cultural celebrities are the elites of The Times. They oppose the feudal tradition and pursue democracy and freedom.Having gone to school, studied abroad and seen the world, they cut off their pigtails and gowns, and put on suits, shoes, ties and hats.Charming and handsome.When he went to Japan to study abroad, Lu Xun also wore a suit and was also a man of talent.After the age of thirty, Lu Xun paid little attention to clothes and appearance.Xu Guangping once recalled in an article the first impression lu Xun gave her: “The first thing that caught my attention was his hair, which was about two inches long, thick and hard, standing upright…The faded dark green jacket and the faded black mandarin jacket were almost a mix.On the bend of the hand, many patches on the clothes were dazzled with strange fresh colors, like a special pattern.There are patches all around the leather shoes.”Ma Jue was a student at Peking University and had a lot of contacts with Lu Xun. She described her first meeting with lu Xun as follows: “Look, he was wearing a long grey shirt and worn shoes. He was old and stiff…I had not thought so much of a man.”Because slovenly, lu xun is often mistaken for pay, once, he went to a senior hotel to visit a foreign writer, foreign writers live on the ninth floor, he came into the elevator, to take the elevator up, and the results of the elevator man to see his dress that old, thought is that he is run, showed him out, he had to walk down the ladder to climb to the ninth floor.Lu Xun is short in stature, slovenly and not heavily dressed. Obviously, his image is not in proportion to his rich income, and he is not unconventional and handsome, but very much like Kong Yiji under his pen.Such an image could hardly become the youth idol and dream lover of young girls in the Republic of China.Birds of a feather flock together. Such an image is obviously not in league with Hu Shi, Liang Shiqiu and Guo Moruo.Every weak and feeble country, however healthy and strong, is but a useless display and spectator.Sadly, not only ah Q, but all the people, this is Lu Xun’s acerbity.I am the only one who is right. Everyone else is wrong!Lonely at the top.Everyone else is eating big meat and drinking in big bowls.The others were singing and dancing, but Mr. Lu Xun was sober.Mr. Lu Xun only 56 years old life, smoking for 33 years.Smoking is good for thinking!There are very few cultural celebrities who do not smoke.Mr. Lu Xun loves smoking, which many people know, but what is the reason why he smokes?This is because Mr. Lu Xun thought that the sight of smoke could bring him inspiration.Many of his works were born out of a hazy cloud.”He was wearing a yellow frock, and he had a cigarette holder in his mouth.With the flash of the fire, the smoke rises. “This is the tobacco complex of cultural masters.Mr. Lu Xun loved smoking, but he smoked not for the smoke itself, but for the feeling of smoking.Whether it is “hardgate”, “red tin bag”, or “gold medal”, “product sea”, for him, cigarettes are just outside the world, as long as he can smoke, he does not pick.Mr. Lu Xun was not a drinker, but he drank every day. He drank two drinks alone and two bowls of wine when he got together with friends.No wine, no friends!One man can hold out against ten thousand.Stick to the truth at the risk of offending everyone.”Let them hate, and I forgive none.”This sentence expresses lu Xun’s attitude of never compromising or reconciliating with his enemies, and insists on his own moral stand. Even death cannot resolve this confrontation.Mr. Lu Xun this kind of approximate Don Quixote fighting way, let him make enemies on all sides, besieged on all sides.They scolded Liang Shiqiu, Guo Moruo, Hu Shi, Lin Yutang, Yang Yinyu and even Li Siguang.Three thousand kills, eight hundred losses.Mr. Lu Xun is a family of his own.However, as the tide of The Times receded, the achievements of Hu Shi, Liang Shiqiu, Guo Moruo and Lin Yutang gradually emerged from a certain aspect.Life is like this, three thousand with me, eight hundred with him.The number of friends of old enemies gradually increases, while the number of friends of one’s own inevitably decreases.During the Period of the Republic of China, many celebrities were born, but Lu Xun did not have much contact with these celebrities.He didn’t mind fighting alone!Lu Xun, hu Shi, Liang Shiqiu, Guo Moruo, Lin Yutang, are not friends in the real sense!On July 19, 1923, Zhou Zuoren handed lu Xun a letter, which read as follows: Mr. Lu Xun: I only found out about it yesterday, — but let’s not talk about the past.I am not a Christian, and am fortunate enough to be able to bear it, and will not blame anyone — all are poor people.I used to dream of roses are illusory, now see or is the real life.I want to revise my thoughts and re-enter a new life.Please don’t come into the back yard again, that’s all.May you feel at ease and respect yourself.July 18, as a man.Lu Xun and brother Zhou Zuoren brothers fall out, the main reason, is Zhou Zuoren Japanese wife plume too letter son accused Lu Xun, peeking at her bath, to plot evil.Lu Xun just wanted to eat his own food and live his own life.Lu Xun is a cultural sage. How could he have done such a despicable act?But Lu Xun’s marriage was very unfortunate.Lu Xun’s marriage to zhu an has always been the most criticized thing about him.Yu Dafu mentioned in the article Memories of Lu Xun that lu Xun was often seen wearing slacks on cold days. At that time, Lu Xun was actually living a single life and was not afraid of catching cold. It turned out that he did this in order to lower his sexual desire.Before the age of 45, Lu Xun lived an ascetic life, and his sexless life with Zhu an lasted for 20 years until he met Zhu Guangping.Many people are condemning Lu Xun’s cold violence to Zhu ‘an, and even some people say that even if they do not love her, it is good to give her a child, at least it is also a spiritual sustenance.