Old photo: A father and son performing acrobatics with wild dogs running in a mass grave outside Shenyang

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Wild dogs roam the ground at a mass grave outside Shenyang in 1948.At that time, those who had died unjustly, died prematurely, died violently, even those who were about to die, were thrown here at random, their bones stacked together and their Yin condensed.Listen to the old man said, rich people’s coffins are thick, buried deep, poor people’s coffins are very thin, shenyang dialect called “dog touch son”, meaning a dog touch open, often no bones.A photo of an honest man holding a child on a Shanghai street in 1945.The man wore clothes with many patches, and the child wore clothes without patches.The man’s clothes feel a lot of stains, should be a long time has not washed, that time people’s life is really difficult ah.In this photo taken in the late Qing Dynasty, a father and son are performing acrobatics on the streets of Beijing.The child sitting on the ground supported the ground with his hands, and his body hung in the air. The tassel gun was bent by him. We have to say that the little boy is really in the business of acrobatics.The crowd of onlookers also have a lot of children, wearing cotton-padded jacket, wearing hats, the weather is relatively cold.The Japanese are superstitious about “1,000 seams” and claim that wearing them can be bulletproof.This photo was taken in 1937 outside the county seat of Danyang, Jiangsu Province, where two young Devils are having dinner wearing clothes with spells painted on them.However, it is ridiculous that this bullet-proof artifact, which is superstitious by most Japanese, did not save Japan’s defeat in World War II after all.