See this pair of Spring Festival couplets, netizens surprised!

2022-07-20 0 By

Recently in Hebei Shijiazhuang Gaocheng has a family’s Spring Festival couplets “fire” net friends call: do not understand!What happened?It turned out that a couple lived in this house. During a chat on the eve of the Spring Festival, they remembered that their former classmates had made various “creative Spring Festival couplets” in the form of mathematics, physics formulas or computer codes, so they immediately took the similar pronunciation of chemical elements and made this special pair of Spring Festival couplets. The first one is the top one:Ying (silver) xin (zinc) na (sodium) fu (fluorine) jia (gallium) and hafnium (magnesium) and then the next:To (re) xi () to (technetium) gold (gold) body (arsenic) kang (scandium) Tai (titanium) the couple said that the production of this pair of couplets is to want to “figure a happy” did not expect on the network “fire” a lelle alone than all lelle hope to be able to pass this special blessing to more people net friend exclaim: we do not understand the romance!Source: Law Popularization in China