The digital economy is booming

2022-07-20 0 By

At present, the digital economy has grown to new sources of growth of Chinese economy, digital economy has become the most important economic pillar in our country, the data elements as an important development of digital economy, continuously circulation and sharing among all walks of life to create a huge wealth for the society, and the data of circulation and sharing has given rise to many security problems,With the growth of data security awareness in all walks of life, privacy computing, as an important technology to break data barriers, has become widely known from the small concept.In order to adapt to the development of digital economy, artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud computing and other emerging technologies are being widely applied to the financial field.Affected by the characteristics of the industry, the application of big data has unique advantages in the financial field.In recent years, the amount of data in the financial industry has grown exponentially, and the scope of data is increasingly wide, including both structured data such as transaction records and identity, and unstructured data such as complaint work orders and voice collection.Massive data has become a data resource containing high value. Driven by new technologies, it is becoming a driving force for the innovation and development of financial services.From the perspective of the application structure of big data in the financial industry, banks are the pioneers of big data, accounting for 27.2% of the application of big data in banks.Driven by big data, it has become the consensus of commercial banks to explore the new growth model of corporate business and further promote the transformation of business model.As a leading fintech platform in China, 300 Cloud is able to provide banks with a full range of technology and data empowerment based on advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing and big data and profound industry insights.Through the application of AI technology in Fintech, combining auto finance and transaction data, 300cloud adopts scientific and appropriate data mining and machine learning methods and theories to provide professional and systematic solutions for auto finance risk control.It will quickly help banks improve their digital transformation capabilities and drive the development of banking business.With science and technology drive, three hundred cloud continue to expand and deepen the financial services business, intelligent asset appraisal of risk control system, intelligent scene model and real-time business decisions China all-round services, such as strengthening industrial chain upstream and downstream integration and complementary advantages, build a new technology for intensive and efficient mechanism of joint research, designed to help Banks, financial institutions and independent controllable risk security system,Assist in business process optimization to reduce enterprise costs and greatly improve bank operation efficiency.In the digital era, digital technology is reshaping the business environment. As the most important organization of the industry, enterprises can better seize opportunities in the changes only by better improving the efficiency and effect of digital transformation.And the choice of entry point, can undoubtedly greatly accelerate this process, so that the digital value can be fully released.In the future, 300cloud will also actively promote scientific and technological innovation, explore the mode and mechanism of scientific and technological cooperation under the new situation, and accelerate the development of digital economy.