The guy travels to Xi ‘an on a budget and eats local mutton noodles. When he pays, he makes fun of the expensive noodles and puts them on the table

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Xi ‘an, the ancient capital of thousands of years, has a profound cultural heritage that no other city can match. At the same time, xi ‘an is also an online celebrity food city, which is the first choice of many tourists who love food.A guy budget travel to Xi ‘an, want to taste xi ‘an authentic lamb noodles, he came to a named Suide lamb noodles shop, all know suide lamb noodles is the most delicious, although the shop decoration is simple, but tidy up very clean, the store is not big, but the shop is very spacious, can accommodate dozens of people at the same time.Young man walked into the store the first thing you encounter is a grandma, is doing a local cuisine, so ask for a moment, this kind of food called oil, aunt to cut oil screw, clamp bath chap, to eat special sweet, $12 a, a bit like meat clip buns, but not exactly the same, meat clip buns with white film, while Boyle is oil, you see,The oil-rotated rou jia mo can be said to be of excellent color, smell and taste. Although the marinated meat looks a little greasy, it tastes delicious but not greasy.The boy ordered a mutton noodles in the shop, he wanted the most exquisite mutton noodles in the shop, the boss said to 69 dollars a bowl, the boy listened to some dumbstruck, a bowl of beef and mutton noodles how so expensive?In his impression, the price of beef noodles is about 20 or 30 yuan, since he came to Xi ‘an even if the pocket is not too full, but also to try the taste of the fine mutton noodles.Mutton noodles the table, such as small joy bloom, it is 69 yuan a bowl of mutton noodles in lamb more than a kilo, so it is really high cost performance, should be in outside sell mutton prices and yuan a catty, coupled with the surface, as well as services provided by the store, is not expensive, 69 yuan a bowl lad grateful, did not give up because of you,Otherwise you might miss the delicious amount of lamb noodles.This bowl of mutton quantity greatly, below YangRouPu thick layer, the surface is relatively wide that, put a hot pepper sauce, cilantro and chopped green onion and mutton taste special chewy, but also can bite to it, mutton and/or rich, not like some meat to eat half a day to eat what not to taste, noodles are liquid infiltration, great taste, look red, but not hot to eat,Drink soup can, according to the boss said that the soup is done with mutton sheep bones boil fresh soup, especially in the winter to drink a bowl of sweat, just eat a bowl of mutton noodles, but it feels like to eat a big meal, after eating feel special enough, even a little to eat, wanted to also try haggis, but really can’t eat any more, can only change the plan, before leaving to eat a meal.