Tuojia Qiyuan e-commerce: Pinduoduo merchants how to protect their rights?

2022-07-20 0 By

Pinduoduo consumers’ rights protection is a common phenomenon. How should pinduoduo merchants protect their rights?What should a merchant do if he fails to appeal?Let’s go with the extension jia Qiyuan xiaobian.1. How does the platform regulate the rights protection of merchants?On the platform, it is not as easy for merchants to protect their rights as consumers. If the number of appeals fails more than three times in a month, they cannot appeal again in that month.If you have failed more than ten times in that year, you cannot appeal that year.2. What are the reasons for the failure of the appeal?When a user shows up to request a return or exchange, the merchant needs to provide a delivery address.But if the business does not discuss with the user when communicating, the user will return according to the address information provided by the business, but the address provided by the business may be inaccurate, resulting in unable to receive the returned goods, and the appeal will naturally fail.There is another kind of business in dealing with after-sale details page proof or work order, there is invalid proof or overdue, subsequent appeals are very likely to fail.If the evidence provided by the merchant does not meet the provisions of the appeal will also fail.3. How to reduce the occurrence of complaints?When it comes to complaints, the platform will definitely be more consumer friendly.Even so, also can not block businesses stationed in a lot of enthusiasm.Do online or offline, may encounter some unreasonable consumers, businesses occasionally step back is normal, after all, and make money.Of course, not all consumers are unreasonable, as long as businesses do a good job of communication with consumers, shop services before and after sales should be done well.