Two published a tip | will look!What should we pay attention to when traveling during Qingming Festival?

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The qingming Festival, which falls on April 5, will be celebrated for three days from Sunday to Tuesday.It is expected that the peak of highway departures will be from 17 to 23 on April 2, 10 to 14 on April 3, and the peak of return will be from 16 to 24 on April 5.At present, the situation in China is characterized by sporadic outbreaks and local outbreaks, and the epidemic prevention and control situation is grim and complex.In order to resolutely block the risk of the spread of the epidemic and effectively protect the health and safety of the general public, the COVID-19 prevention and control Command Office of Shantou issued a notice, requiring all funeral homes, cemeteries (cemeteries), cremated halls and other funeral service institutions in the city to suspend on-site funeral activities before April 10.Ancestral shrines, temples, tallinn and other places will suspend activities such as joint ancestor worship, gathering and sweeping, and collective public offerings.Qingming Festival holiday is the first small holiday after the Spring Festival, it is expected that the road traffic is mainly medium and short distance travel in the province, coupled with the implementation of the qingming Festival small bus free passage expressway policy, then part of the main highway may appear long distance slow phenomenon.In order to ensure smooth and safe travel during the Qingming Festival, the traffic police department announced to the society “two announced a hint”, to remind the majority of driver friends, reasonable arrangement of travel time and route, to ensure the safety of travel.During the festival, the weather in our city will be mainly cloudy or sunny, with a large temperature difference. Please take appropriate protective measures when traveling.During the festival, it is expected that there will be a lot of people and traffic flow in the scenic spots such as small Park Cultural Block, Zhongshan Park, east Coast, suning Square, Mixc, Dongsha 100, Wanda Square, Hesheng Department Store Square and other business areas, and the surrounding roads may be slow and congested.Traffic police urged people to alternate peak times and take buses and other public transportation to avoid traffic jams.The epidemic is not far away, so we must not relax our efforts in prevention and control.Shu reminded the general public to minimize unnecessary to go out, remember to wear masks when going out, to avoid crowded places.In order to effectively prevent and reduce road traffic accidents, the traffic police department here reminds the majority of traffic participants to enhance safety awareness, in the following accident-prone sections must be slow down, prudent driving, safe and civilized travel.Jin guan jie jinfeng district 1, university – university road, west port bridge approach road 3, 2 Jin Fenglu zones longhu district 1, lushan mountain road (new street to the four dragons five street) 2, Mr Tsvangirai, industrial areas, four seasons garden – taishan road lanes 3, taishan road, agricultural and sideline products wholesale market 4, zhongtai overpass under 5, kunlun mountain (old placer gold new road) arterial road – kunlun mountain road 6, shanfen super huaxin rotary tableRoad sections Chinatown village – wen hao gong temple intersection area of shanfen super road outside the national highway 324 lei mouth before the village road sections to cotton chenghai district changning road chaoyang district 1 under the 539 national highway, state road 324 lines of division Washington road and red hill road 2, provincial highway 234 line crack west bamboo blue to spring road # 3, provincial highway 237 line TongYu town deep ChaoNa 坽 to GuRao town east road section area, 324 national roadSixia Section of Simapu Town (starting point: Simapu Hospital Intersection;Chaonan traffic police here to remind the general public: Qingming Festival small holiday is coming, road traffic safety pressure increased, accident risk.Citizens are requested to travel by off-peak or public transport as far as possible, and avoid popular tourist attractions crowded with people and vehicles. At the same time, obey the command of traffic police, civilized driving, safe travel, standardized parking, and jointly share a safe, smooth and orderly road traffic environment.-END-