(3) To ensure a better business environment for enterprises

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The plaintiff Inner Mongolia an elevator engineering co., LTD. And the defendant was right HouQi due to some hotel limited liability company in October 2018, Inner Mongolia an elevator engineering co., LTD. And the defendant was right HouQi a hotel co., LTD. Signed a number of AH1809428 elevator installation project contract, agreed the plaintiff to the defendant 8 elevators installation,The total contract price, payment terms, payment methods and liability for breach of contract are stipulated accordingly.Before the installation of the elevator, because the installation parts of the elevator did not conform to the construction drawings, the defendant required the plaintiff to carry out renovation, and the installation project cost was increased to 39,200 yuan accordingly, and the total installation contract price was changed to 359,200 yuan.After the contract was signed, the plaintiff performed the installation obligation of 8 elevators according to the contract, but the defendant owed the plaintiff 359,200 yuan for the installation and failed to pay for it. In order to safeguard its legitimate rights and interests, the plaintiff filed a lawsuit to the court according to relevant laws.I. The plaintiff, Inner Mongolia Elevator Engineering Co., LTD., shall come in for inspection and list the problems before August 17, 2021;Ii. The defendant pays the elevator installation fee of 359,200 YUAN to the plaintiff from a hotel Limited liability company in Youhou Banner, which will be paid 179,600 yuan before August 17, 2021, and the remaining installation fee of 179,600 yuan will be paid before October 2, 2021.This case is a typical case in which the court actively serves the economic and social development of the jurisdiction relying on diversified dispute resolution mechanism.After receiving the case, the court did not enter the hearing process to make a judgment. Instead, it quickly and substantively resolved the disputes between the parties through pre-court mediation, promoting win-win cooperation between the two sides and creating a stable, open, transparent and predictable law-based business environment.Source: Chahar Right-wing Rear Banner People’s Court Editor: Zhao Xuan Review: Zhao Baotong Jin Yuxi General Editor: Energy Rear Banner of Chahar