“Boo survey.” Seaweed and wild?Most wild vegetables probably don’t have the last name “wild”

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Correspondent Yuntang Yangzhou release reporter Meng Jianwen/figure is now the season of seaweed on the market, recently, the public Mr. Zhu passing by Yizheng Moon pond, found that there are roadside stalls selling wild vegetables, including seaweed, vendors said is wild, he bought back and found some differences indeed on the market.Is there a seaweed in the wild?The reporter launched an investigation at this point, and found that many so-called wild vegetables may not be named “wild”.Confused – street vendors peddling, seaweed and wild?”Shepherd’s purse, malanthead…And the seaweed on the stand.”Mr. Zhu said, two days ago, he and a friend to yizheng Moon, on the way back to see roadside stalls selling wild vegetables, tricycle loaded with a car of wild vegetables, six or seven varieties.Zhu said that they could not help but buy some wild vegetables during the season, and he was surprised to see purple cabbage moss, which is a commonly grown agricultural product.”Yizheng purple seaweed is very famous, but also won the geographical indications of China.”Zhu said the vendors said they were picked from the wild, not planted, so he couldn’t resist buying some, as well as other wild vegetables.Mr. Zhu said, every year this season, he will buy some seaweed from the market to taste fresh, this time found that the seaweed bought back and the market is slightly different, straw is relatively thin, color is also more purple, taste better.”After eating, ask yizheng friend to help buy some more, he said yizheng has no wild.”Zhu Said, the friend said he wondered, why buy back and the market slightly different?Solve a doubt – or buy the native purple cabbage moss purple cabbage moss is yizheng specialty, the local wild?Today, the reporter in touch with yizheng residents Li Chenxing corporation, yizheng plant purple bolt, corporation, he said, “the Yangtze river brings a large amount of sediment accumulation is an alkaline soil, very suitable for growth of purple bolt, hilly terrain also bred the yizheng purple bolt corporation, during the winter, most plant entered hibernation, only purple bolt contrarian growth.”In spring, every family eats purple cabbage moss, so it is grown locally.”We plant in October, transplant in early winter, and people like to eat in spring.”Li chenxing said, in fact, in addition to Yizheng, the Yangtze River basin in Hubei, Sichuan and other places are also planting.There is no wild, lixiahe agricultural science and technology office director Zhang Yongji said, purple seaweed in yizheng traditional artificial cultivation history is longer, rarely heard of wild, yizheng field house, every family will plant some.”What he feels like is a difference between wild and old domestic varieties of seaweed.”According to Zhang yongji, yizheng’s local varieties are more hardy, thinner, and the moss is more purple in color and taste, but the yield is not high, while some fields are in pursuit of yield, using foreign varieties of purple moss.Phenomenon – a lot of wild vegetables already not surnamed “wild” “are planted everywhere, where to find so much wild?”Today, the reporter contacted the hubei Wuhan purple moss shop, he said, they heard there are wild mountains, taste, such as planting, no one bothered to find.Engaged in many years of specialty distribution of the shop home said, his shop in more than 10 kinds of characteristics of wild vegetables, in fact, are greenhouses planted, such as shepherd’s purse, fold ear root, dandelion, toon……Because it is the spring to buy more people, we are called wild vegetables, seasonal sales taste fresh.”Toona has long been greenhouse planting, a greenhouse may have thousands of trees.”Lianyi vegetable wholesale market engaged in vegetable wholesale vendors Mr. Wang said that he had gone to the toon greenhouse visited, and we imagine the toon tree is different, the greenhouse is more like toon single stem seedlings, rows of buried there, bud shape on the pick, do not give the opportunity to grow trees.Mr Wang says, a lot of wild vegetables are not surname already “wild”, Chinese toon sells so expensive, basically be at present air temperature lesser demand is big, the amount that plant is little, after waiting for air temperature to rise, the price also fell.Other wild vegetables, such as shepherd’s purse, have been grown for many years.”There may not be much difference in nutrient content between wild and cultivated plants.”Zhang yongji said it was like comparing native eggs with foreign eggs.The reason why we favor wild vegetables, the main thing is the revival of the spring taste mentality.There are more than a dozen varieties of local wild vegetables in Yangzhou, such as Malan head, wild celery, xulihong, purslane, Betel Wormwood bud, chrysanthemum head, Medlar head, shepherd’s purse, etc.”In these wild vegetables, wild celery, wild snow red, how many can there be in the wild?”Vegetable businessman Mr Wang admitted that there are also some in the planting of poor quality, is sold as wild vegetables.Mr. Wang said that most of the wild vegetables can be artificially planted, some wild vegetables are still difficult to meet the market demand, but can supply a large number of, mostly planted, the price is often higher when the temperature is low on the market.”I want to know if I bought wild vegetables, and the taste and taste are the secrets to distinguish.”Mr. Wang said, the water lingling, thick leaves and stems, more neat and clean are generally planted, eat up crisp and tender, wild vegetables are not good taste, taste relatively a bit thicker, fiber thick, that is, taste is not too tender.However, the city emergency doctor at a hospital Hu Fang yong warns a citizen, despite growing vegetables, after all, not daily vegetables, because some people allergic constitution may have a reaction to food allergy in substance, which can cause human body allergic or intestines and stomach discomfort, for usually don’t eat food, planting or wild, it is advisable to have to eat less.Statement: This article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com