Brush single fraud to upgrade again!Hundreds of thousands of people were tricked into liking a short video

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· Why can brush orders be cheated millions?Because the cheater is not only satisfied with earning advance money, often in the name of brushing induced victims to download brushing APP, in fact, gambling bets.· Sources of brushing orders: Douyin, QQ, wechat group and other social software.Brush has long been a single type of fraud on both quantity has topped many people believe that “never leave home, day earn one thousand yuan” in the first few single small payment after the money has finally been cheated though such routines have no strange but recently appeared to brush single fraud fit with other forms of popular trend of routine upgrade is a “killer” multiplication of wenzhou people brush due to the absence of drainage to recentlyGambling, investment platform was swindled hundreds of thousands of yuan city anti-fraud center urgently sorted out several new brush single compound fraud please be vigilant fraud methods a brush single +APP grab single, was swindled more than 500,000 routine analysis:Fraudsters under the name of “no advance, a single now pay” gimmick, guide the victim to download the “grab” APP, create a tense atmosphere for everyone to participate, to complete the task will be able to earn income on the ground, guide the victim to increase investment to do the task again and again, and finally start cheating money;On February 21, Ms. Hwang (pseudonym) was surfing the Internet at home when she saw an AD saying that she could get commissions if she liked others on Tiktok.Ms wong, in accordance with each other after a few instructions thumb up really received the commission, after a liar recommended download “RenSheng APP,” ms wong by publishing the APP to brush a single task, ms wong according to task on the prices of goods, transfer to the designated account finish brush list, after each other under the temptation, increasing investment, ultimately unable to withdraw found deceived,Loss of more than 500,000 yuan fraud method two brush single + network gambling routine analysis:At first, the fraudsters use brushing to earn commissions to lower your psychological defense and gain your trust. Then, they induce the victims to place bets and commit fraud on the gambling platform and create the illusion of profit by operating the APP background data. When the victims want to withdraw cash, they find they cannot withdraw cash and realize they have been cheated.On February 19, a woman surnamed Liu (pseudonym) was checking Douyin at home when she received a message from a stranger saying that she could make money by scanning a QR code to download an APP.Liu downloaded the APP “Dudu” based on the QR code provided by the fraudster, who first asked liu to like Douyin and transfer commissions through wechat red envelopes.Later, “customer service” contact Ms. Liu said that as long as the other party’s instructions in the software bet size, bet double single can make money.Ms. Liu used online bank transfer to the designated account of the other party, and finally could not withdraw cash to know that was cheated.Analysis: fraudsters combine the form of investment and financial management, guide victims to brush tasks to buy foreign currency, return commission and principal, and eventually defraud money.Typical case: On February 17, Ms. Chen (pseudonym) saw a software called “LQ” when she was surfing Douyin. After downloading the software, the swindler added her friends and said that she could make money by brushing orders with Ms. Chen.Ms. Chen purchased some foreign currencies through online bank transfer in this software as required by the other party. Both the commission and the principal could be returned for the first several times. After that, she made a single order of 1488 yuan, and the other party said that the commission and principal could be returned only after two orders were made.So Ms. Chen continued to transfer money to buy foreign currency, and finally could not withdraw cash until she knew she had been cheated.Fraud methods four brush single + about P routine analysis: fraudsters combined with the form of online prostitution fraud, guide the victims to brush single do tasks, to arrange “doorto door service”, and eventually defraud money.Typical case: On the evening of February 14, Lin was surfing the Internet at home, and someone added it as a friend on QQ.The other party sent a link saying it was a dating APP, so Lin downloaded the momo APP and registered an account.The other party said that there is no extra charge for p, but it can only be arranged after completing three single click data sheets.Lin believed it was true, under the guidance of the other party to the platform accumulated investment amount of 70,000 yuan, found unable to cash when found cheated.1. Be alert to the fraud of enticing victims to download swipe apps by using wechat public accounts and Tiktok to get commissions.2. No pie in the sky, a part-time job that makes a lot of money without moving your fingers.Brush sheet this is illegal, do not let the illegal elements profitable.3. Any swipe in the form of “doing tasks” on social platforms is fraud.Source: Wenzhou fraud prevention