Buy Tiger 5X enjoy 10,000 discount welcome to come to appreciate

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Buy a new generation Of Tiger 5X enjoy (10000 yuan cash discount + up to 4000 yuan financial subsidy +3000 yuan replacement subsidy);Buy Tiger 5X Superhero edition, enjoy five gifts: Cash gift: 10,000 yuan cash discount for car purchase;Financial gift: the loan for car purchase will enjoy 24 periods of 0 interest rate;Replacement gift: replacement car to enjoy a subsidy of 3000 yuan;Peace of mind: free to enjoy the engine life warranty (main parts, only for the first owner);Traffic gift: basic traffic free for life, one year free entertainment flow 2G/ month;The new generation Ruihu 5X adopts the family design language of Life+In+Motion+3.0, deduces the formal-meaning aesthetics with “peak grid” elements, and caters to the current mainstream aesthetic trend.Dot matrix star river front grille design, with the same level of large size front grille, carved exquisite front face outline.The combination of crystal drill lens LED headlights and G type dynamic daytime running lights makes the car more cutting-edge.In addition, the new car also incorporates 17-inch five-panel mirrored aluminum alloy wheels, touch keyless door handles and other design elements, making it more stylish.Booking hotline ★ : 0551-6345-2222.Buy Chery in 2022!I only choose Anhui source Chery!★ [dear, quickly pick up your phone to call the “inquiry” hotline or click the “inquiry” button, there will be a surprise (bottom price) oh! ★ Detailed address: Hefei Baohe Automobile City Harbin Road and Tianjin Road intersection (next to the Baohe DMV) activity time from April 5, 2022 to April 7, 2022