China Anti-Doping Center: to ensure that the Chinese delegation is “clean” for the Beijing Winter Olympics

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“As early as four years ago, in March 2018, the month after the Conclusion of the PyeongChang Winter Olympics, we launched the anti-doping work of the Beijing Winter Olympics.Over the past four years, more than 7,000 Chinese athletes have been subject to surveillance so far, which is unprecedented compared to the 1,025 inspections conducted in the five months before the PyeongChang Winter Olympics.”Chen Zhiyu, director of the China Anti-Doping Center (CADA), said in an interview on Tuesday afternoon that in order to achieve the goal of zero doping problems at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, the China Anti-Doping Center (CADA) must make every effort to ensure that nothing goes wrong.Chen Zhiyu, party secretary and director of the China Anti-Doping Agency, said the monitoring period and number of inspections during the Beijing Winter Olympics were “unprecedented”.The Chinese government attaches great importance to anti-doping work. At the 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games, the Chinese sports delegation won 38 gold MEDALS and 88 MEDALS. At the same time, it achieved the goal of “zero doping problem”, and achieved a good harvest in both sports performance and spiritual civilization, thus raising the national image and invigorating the national spirit.With the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games just around the corner, the work of China Anti-Doping Center for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games has entered a critical stage:On the basis of summing up and learning the successful experience of Tokyo and combining with the characteristics of winter sports preparation, the anti-doping work plan of “stricter, more comprehensive and higher” has been formulated and effectively implemented to ensure that the doping problem of the Chinese delegation in the Beijing Winter Olympics “never appears”.”First of all, stricter measures will be taken to ensure that the athletes in the delegation are ‘clean’, such as strengthening the monitoring of athletes’ biological passport data and whereabouts information, and stepping up inspections of abnormal cases.We not only attach great importance to doping control at home, but also carry out entrusted overseas doping control in view of the actual situation of overseas training and preparation.Since March 1, 2018, more than 7,000 inspections have been completed for athletes preparing for the Beijing Winter Olympics, including more than 1,100 entrusted overseas inspections, involving cross-country skiing, biathlon, bobsled, figure skating and other sports that train or compete abroad.””Preparations for the Winter Olympics have become more intensive and frequent with the start of the games,” Chen said. “In the final phase of preparations starting from December 20, 2021, we have carried out three rounds of screening of about 1,700 athletes, so as to ‘cover all of them’ and ‘highlight key points’.”In addition, “to build a clean national team with more comprehensive prevention means” and “to prevent and defuse all kinds of risks with higher work requirements” are also effective measures to ensure the “zero occurrence” of doping problems.”China Anti-Doping Center has developed an ‘Athlete safety drug use inquiry system’ to ensure the safety of athletes’ drug use. So far, the National team preparing for the Winter Olympics has not had any doping violations for 25 consecutive months and has not violated the whereabouts information regulations for 15 consecutive months.””In preparation for the Beijing Winter Olympics, the China Anti-Doping Center conducted a comprehensive survey of 28 national teams, sorting out possible doping problems and risks in training, preparation, selection and competition, and making targeted measures and ensuring their implementation,” Chen said.It is worth mentioning that in the Beijing Olympics for cycle, China anti-doping center to actively participate in and lead international anti-doping technology science and technology innovation, carry out application dry spot check detection technology: dry spot is “revolutionary” detection method, not only has a portable, easy to store, less blood, the advantages of easy operation, can enlarge the banned substances and methods to check surface.This technology was first introduced in China (China Anti-Doping Center was one of the five sponsors of this program), making China the first country in the world to carry out large-scale dried blood spot testing, and the first country to apply this technology to national team preparation.”We have tested more than 300 cases of dried blood during the preparation phase, and the Beijing Winter Olympics will officially use dry blood test, which is the first time in Olympic history.””All the dried blood test equipment used in the Beijing Winter Olympics is also made by domestic manufacturers,” Chen said.To ensure that the Chinese delegation is clean and clean, China’s anti-doping work will receive the most comprehensive test at the Beijing Winter Olympics.Source: China Youth Daily client