Early spring, “jeans” how to wear better?Keep in mind these wear take train of thought, senior still very temperament

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Jeans are our old friend, you can see them all year round, but the more basic the single product is the more test to wear a match foundation, jeans are the same.If you want to make jeans look slimmer and classy this early in the spring, don’t miss these tips to make jeans look stylish and never clash with each other again.Which top goes well with jeans?① Shirt/sweater + jeans for commuting style, let’s try a shirt and jeans.However, this combination is too basic. In order to reduce the shirt collision rate, we can try more colorful shirts, such as the color shirt and jeans in the picture below is a good choice.In creating visual impact effect at the same time can reduce the rate of collision shirt, let you wear more colorful.Also, if you want to make your look a little more neat, we’d better try the 9-minute jeans with smaller legs.When wearing a shirt with your ankle exposed, tuck the bottom of your shirt into your waistband for a neat commute.In addition to shirts, sweaters and jeans are also very common to create a warm look and a soft look.If you’re a tall, short girl who wants to stretch out your legs, look for the “high-waisted, floor-length” jeans shown below.With sweaters, tuck the hem into your pants to create a high-waisted line that will elongate your legs and make your outfit look taller.In addition, we can also make some adjustments from the neckline of the sweater.A turtleneck is too casual to be worn with jeans.If you like a feminine way to wear, it is recommended that you start with a V-neck sweater or a square neck sweater, will be exposed at the collarbone, not only can create a skinny beautiful effect, but also can add feminine, temperament will be more prominent.Although the beginning of spring has arrived, but the temperature is still hovering below zero, at this time we have to choose a better thermal effect of the coat and jeans.Temperament is a few more gentle wear method, use jeans with long sweater collocation namely cardigan, long sweater has extremely good heat preservation effect, still can make your whole body atmosphere becomes gentleness at the same time many.When paired with jeans, try adding an extra nine minutes to the length, and lower the drape of a long cardigan by exposing the ankle for a more chipper look.In this early spring season, the collocation that cannot miss most is windbreaker and jeans, windbreaker belongs to spring and autumn popularity sheet originally taste, contain certain warmth degree and pull wind effect, tie-in jeans lets you easily step by step ungrowing wind, steady earn head turn rate.When starting this outfit, we can start from the style of jeans more.The more basic daily wear method is to use a trench coat with straight leg jeans, but this wear method is too common, there is a very high collision rate.If you’re looking for something a little more dramatic, try a pair of cropped jeans with a trench coat.With a small flat design, reduce the rate of jeans clash unlined upper garment, at the same time add retro modern atmosphere, with a windbreaker will be more gas texture.The collocation of suits and jeans is also a common combination, which can not only create a serious temperament, but also not too inflexible. It is a suitable way to wear daily and commuting.If you want to take your look a bit more sophisticated, you can try the wide-legged version pictured below and a pair of jeans with a worn out design.Pairing a suit with a suit not only gives you an intellectual charm, it also adds a retro look and makes your outfit more modern.In addition to suits, the choice of wool material short jacket is also the first choice for spring.Woolen jacket can highlight the high-grade texture of woolen, combined with the design of short jacket, can not only wear a neat and stylish effect, but also can compress the proportion of the upper body.With high waist wide leg pants, create a “short on long” contrast, easily wear a superior “9 head body” proportion, very suitable for 55 minutes figure.1. Create a visual impact To reduce the likelihood of jeans wearing the same shirt, we might as well make some adjustments in the overall color scheme.Head-turning rate is higher wear method, is to use color shirt with jeans, to create a sense of visual impact, can reduce the rate of collision shirt and enhance the color intensity of collocation, very eye-catching.But if you feel that the top of high saturation color is not easy to control, you can also try to match the top of neutral color with jeans, which looks more sedate and can also strengthen the color level of collocation.Skills 2, strengthen the sense of layering in this cold spring, we can also try to “fold wear” wearing method, the use of fold wear way will be two coats superimposed together, while reducing the rate of collision, and can strengthen the sense of layering collocation.The wear method that compares warmth is to use short coat and inside build sheet to taste to undertake combination, tie-in jeans is very agile everyday.And more fashionable fashionable wear law of a few, it is to use two take superposition inside together, build at the same time a “inside long outside short” contrast, strengthen administrative levels feeling, can have hotspot more looking.Above is this issue on the jeans to wear all the share, interested sisters quickly get up, senior is also very temperament, no longer need to worry about the collision shirt!