Huining Gaohe: Peace qingming line civilization sacrifice

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Qingming festival is approaching, and traditional Chinese festivals usher in the time of memorial and sacrifice. Activities such as tomb sweeping and worship are also carried out around the country.Careful, remembering the martyrs, remembering the dead.According to the current situation of epidemic prevention and control and forest fire prevention, Gaohe Town of Huaining County advocates that the general public do not cross district or province to sweep, do not participate in the gathering of worship activities;Advocate the broad masses to carry out the network to worship, use flowers to worship, planting trees to remember and other green environmental protection ways to memorial;We advocate civilized travel and off-peak travel during the Qingming Festival, observe road traffic order and strictly prevent accidents.We urge the general public to strictly follow local epidemic prevention and control requirements and implement all epidemic prevention and control work.We will encourage the masses to change customs, keep pace with The Times, and promote new civilizations and customs in the new era.Demands of all party member cadre to take the lead to promote reform of the funeral, exert ecological burial, thrifty funeral service and sacrifice to the leadership of the respect such as civilization, influence and drive the people around by the practical action, express memorial and mourned in the way of modern civilization, express ShenZhongZhuiYuan deep feelings, to build peace qingming, civilized clarity.In recent days, The Gaohe Town of Huaining County New Era Civilization Practice Institute, station combined with “our festival – Qingming festival”, in-depth epidemic prevention and control and forest fire prevention work.”The majority of residents are not necessary not to go out, not necessary not to return home” “civilization sacrifice, green sacrifice” and other propaganda language has become the residents of the masses are influenced by the words.”A few years ago, during the Qingming Festival, most people in our village would burn paper, burn incense and set off firecrackers, which caused great pollution to the environment and endangered the safety of human life and property.With the progress of The Times and the connotation of the construction of spiritual civilization continues to enrich, the degree of civilization is constantly improving, in recent years, the masses of villagers in my village in the Tomb-sweeping Day basically choose ‘green’, ‘low carbon’, ‘simple’ and other environmental protection way to carry out civilization sacrifice.”High river town check bay village villager Bao Tingting very certainly said.Peace qingming festival, civilization sacrifice.During the Qingming Festival, Gaohe town on the one hand many measures to carry out various civilized practice activities, to create a good atmosphere of green Qingming festival.Through the propaganda and guidance of the activities, the education of the masses during the Qingming Festival do not forget their own security and social security, improve the safety and civilization awareness of the masses and social responsibility awareness;On the other hand, we will step up inspection and supervision on all fronts, urge all epidemic prevention and control and forest fire prevention workers to strictly guard their posts, resolutely overcome paralysis and fluke mentality, and earnestly protect the soil, shoulder responsibilities, and fulfill their duties. We will put the people first, and show that we are the people with concrete actions.(Correspondent Cao Lexiang Bao Tingting)