Liuyang listed as “Top 100 Counties for Scientific and Technological Innovation”

2022-07-21 0 By

Liuyang Daily news (reporter Zhou Hongzhen) innovation is the first driving force leading development.Recently, CCID Consulting released the “2021 Science and technology Innovation provincial (city, district) ranking” shows that Liuyang ranked 23rd in the “2021 science and technology innovation 100 counties”.In 2021, liuyang will fully implement the strategic positioning and mission of “three high schools and four innovations”. Centering on the goal of “revitalizing the city through science and technology innovation” and “building a regional science and technology innovation center”, with the construction of innovative counties (cities) as the starting point, liuyang will make every effort to promote various work. Liuyang has been successfully incorporated into the “100+N” open collaborative innovation system led by the Ministry of Science and Technology.At the same time, as one of the six counties (cities) and the only unit in central China, it will display scientific and technological achievements in the national “13th Five-Year” scientific and technological innovation Achievement Exhibition.Centering on the theme of service industry development, Liuyang city has issued and implemented the Three-year Action Plan (2021-2023) to Build a Regional Science and Technology Innovation Center. Starting from 6 aspects and 21 measures, including the construction of scientific and technological innovation carrier, liuyang city has promoted the deep integration and precise docking of innovation chain and industrial chain. There are nearly 400 effective high-tech enterprises in the city.The overall level of scientific and technological innovation of enterprises was further improved.At the same time, the city also further strengthened the macro guidance, management and service for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, deeply tapped technology trading resources, and completed the registration of technology trade contracts worth 3 billion yuan in the whole year, an increase of 70%.Among them, the number of townships with “more than 100 million yuan” increased from 3 to 19, and the technology market further flourished.”In 2022, we will focus on the goal of building a regional science and technology innovation center, constantly improve the innovation service system, enhance the service capacity of science and technology innovation, continue to optimize the ecological environment for innovation and entrepreneurship, guide enterprises to increase investment in RESEARCH and development, actively promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and strive to achieve new breakthroughs in liuyang science and technology innovation.”City science and technology bureau related person in charge said.Source: Liuyang Daily Editor: Dai Peng