Military marriage “rebirth 90 space jade bracelet” she was reborn into understand medical military sister-in-law, space grain ammunition full

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Recently a lot of fans do not know what to read good reaction, unknowingly fell into the book shortage situation, as an old fan xiaobian also feel headache.Today xiaobian continues to introduce good novels to book fans, let book fans watch addictions do not sleep in minutes!If you look good, remember to collect, not afraid of book shortage again!Today xiaobian to recommend: military marriage “rebirth 90 space jade bracelet” she was reborn into understand medical army sister-in-law, space army ammunition full cang first book: “Love if forever night, not every dawn” author: Purple wind Lin into the pit guide: “Su dream, long time no see.”Familiar with let su dream hate the voice behind her, she does not know how su Twilight snow will appear here, the heart is full kill meaning because of hand bottom that mellow belly and let her endure.Calm down, calm down, calm down, Sumon, this is not the time to settle scores, right now, the baby is all that matters.Su Meng in the heart repeatedly comfort themselves, adjust the mood, this just got up and took a deep breath turned to look at the past.”Su Muxue, why are you here?””Why do you think I’m here?”Su Muxue sneered at su Dream’s round belly: “Su Dream, how?Do you think, this bad seed in your belly, Gu Ye really agreed to your birth?””What do you mean?Su Dream looked at Su Twilight snow, footsteps inclining alert moved back a little step.”You really don’t know?”Su Twilight snow footsteps as her words sound a little closer to su Dream.”Stop, stop, don’t come, don’t you come.”Small bump belly let Su dream action become very slow, her worried hands tightly grasp the back bar of the chair, dare not slouch looking at Su Muxue: “you don’t come over, Su Muxue, what words, you just stand there to say.”Su Meng’s performance makes Su Muxue’s footsteps slightly stop, mouth slightly raised sneer: “You are afraid of me?Su Meng, are you afraid of me sometimes?”Second book: “Rebirth 90 space Jade Bracelet” author: Chen, good into the pit guide: military marriage “rebirth 90 space Jade Bracelet” she was reborn into a medical army sister-in-law, space military food and ammunition full warehouse said here, Aoyama again put out his thumb on the knobs of a few random points, continue to pack a big tail Wolf:”Calculate according to my pinch, what your mother gets is the disease of stone anthrax, western medicine says lymphoma, do not know me to calculate right?”Gao Xiang was blindfolded, his eyes bulging like a light bulb, his throat “ho ho” for a while, and he knelt down with a “plop” for Castle Peak.The waiter at the door of Marriott almost scared urine, their eldest brother knelt down to a little girl, mom, why ah?Two waiter eyes do not know where to put, but they tall total ah!Eyes a stare children cease to cry, cough one “listen to” two ring seven feet tough man, said to kneel on his knees!To marry me?No, who proposed getting down on your knees?Worship ancestor only kneel so!Is it possible that Gao has done something wrong to others, ashamed of his conscience, and begged for forgiveness?The child is young. Is she the daughter of President Gao?It’s not just him, is it?Is the moral decay or the distortion of human nature behind all this?The two had already imagined several bloody, ups and downs of human tragedy in their hearts.Chen Qingshan pulled Gao Xiang up and complained, “What are you doing, Old Gao?”(Click below to read it for free.) Book three: A Night of Love: Uncle’s Pet, author: Eat less Into the pit guide: “Tonight come home and have dinner with me.”Go home for dinner?So is she gonna be able to go back tonight?Su Yao refused, “Uncle, didn’t I invite you last time?This time…Forget it.”Nie Xiao had already seen through her heart. “Go to nie’s old house, not to zur garden, to meet my parents, my elder brother and sister-in-law.”Nie Xiao’s elder brother and sister-in-law…Isn’t that Nie Tianchen’s parents?Remember the last time I saw the couple is to discuss marriage, she is their daughter-in-law, goodbye to become their sister-in-law, Su Yao’s mood suddenly complicated a little indescribable.”Don’t go to…All right?””I certainly won’t force you to go if you don’t want to.”Nie Xiao’s tone was light, but his warning eyes were no different from reminding her that ‘if you are not afraid to let Nie’s family stand up, you can go or not’.Suyao silently withdrew her opinion. “Let’s meet. It won’t be the first time.”She kept reminding herself that she had to die sooner or later. Why did she care when the knife fell on her head?”Well, after business, then private.”Nie Xiao lifted his chin and picked up the pregnancy report on the table. “Is the baby mine?”By his question, Su Yao suddenly felt a little emotional — nie Xiao questioned the identity of the child when she was still struggling with whether to leave or not!(click below free reading) Military marriage “rebirth 90 space jade bracelet” she was reborn to understand the medical skills of military sister-in-law, space army grain ammunition full of cang today’s recommendation here, we have what small make up to say?Leave a comment in the comments section at the end of this article, and you can see it. Look forward to your comments