Only 14 games!Irving moonshots kill nets, Harden may not win another championship

2022-07-21 0 By

Irving led the warriors in the loss, but he scored 32 points to the Splash brothers, and his three-pointer in the clutch made the Warriors sweat.That made the fans very happy.At the same time, the following schedule, and let the fans hate Irving, part-time he is likely to kill the Nets.The Nets have 33 games left, 17 of them on the road, and Irving has been sidelined for 14 of those games, including the raptors and Knicks (two).That means Owen will be sidelined for most of the game.And now is the time when the nets employ persons.Currently, durant sad injury repeatedly, Harris has been to seek a second medical help, are likely to be absent again 2 months time, adebayor and sprained his ankle, the next month is difficult to see him back, harden and had some injuries, such cases, the nets can be used are very few, now they are 4 in a row, ranking has slipped to sixth in the east,One more loss and you’ll probably fall out of the top eight.Only 10 games played in the remaining schedule is weaker teams (east and west in the first eight away team), the mean level of 23 games are the playoffs, this for disabled full battalion of the nets, undoubtedly, Owen can play efficient performance, but in the case of the team so hard, can’t help to the team,It would be very frustrating for his teammates and fans.If Harden was playing with an injury, the Nets would be no better.Which makes Owen’s guilt even worse.He put the team in an embarrassing situation for his own personal gain, a team that had been a champion, but was undermined by his part-time job and his faith.Getting Owen vaccinated is unlikely, at least not this season.We can only hope that the policy will be relaxed. For now, the United States has begun to relax (or normalize) the prevention and control of the epidemic, and many states have not required athletes to be vaccinated.This may be the Nets’ last hope.Otherwise Owen, no matter how strong he is, will never pull a net.Durant wants more, he has two championships, but harden, he came to fight for a championship, ended up with this baby.Do you think Kyrie will hurt the Nets?