Running brother: hotel restaurant anti-skid treatment, prevention and avoidance of safety risks, ground safety is no small matter

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# Chongqing news # Running brother: Sichuan Chongqing restaurant anti-skid treatment prevention to avoid safety hazards ground safety no small matter running brother popularize safety anti-skid knowledge running brother said ground anti-skid ·2022-2-19 running brother ground anti-skid consulting running brother official account home anti-skid consulting food anti-skid consulting running brother ground anti-skid treatment:1), # runge penetrates anti-skid fluid # after treatment of the ground will eliminate the accident of slipping and falling due to wet ground.2), no matter in the ground dry, wet conditions have significant effect.Water is better for anti-skid.3) it is suitable for any material floor of hotel indoor and outdoor.4), anti-skid floor tile chroma, brightness of the same.5), restaurant restaurant after the construction of the ground can eliminate a large number of harmful bacteria, greatly improve the original environment.6), anti-skid construction does not affect the normal use, can meet the customer convenient time anti-skid treatment, after completion of the ground can not wait for dry immediately normal walking.7) after the ground anti-skid treatment, the customer follow-up maintenance work is very simple, no special requirements, as long as frequent washing, keep the ground clean.The more water there is on the ground, the greater the water, the more scrubbing, the longer the anti-skid effect is!8) The ground after treatment conforms to the international unified safety standard, that is, the ground friction coefficient in wetland state is 0.5 or above.9), restaurants, restaurants, restaurants, kitchens after anti-skid treatment of the ground non-toxic, no smell, high temperature resistance, low temperature change, uv resistance, high pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, anti-gravity grinding sassafras.10) After the ground anti-skid treatment, Running brother gives you a safe and assured ground, and the environment space takes on a fresh look.Attention running brother: Daily share ground safety and anti-skid knowledge to prevent accidental slip and protect the safety of your family.This article by “running brother skid prevention” original first unauthorized prohibited reprinting # Running brother restaurant restaurant skid treatment ## Running brother share food and beverage ground skid prevention knowledge ## how to prevent the hotel to avoid ground safety risks ## how to prevent the hotel to avoid ground safety risks #