Sun Quan and jiangdong gentry discord, can only choose a corner, powerless to fight for the world

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Sun Quan’s life can be divided into three stages. In his early years, when most people did not support sun Quan, he was able to overcome the popular opinions and delegate power to Zhou Yu and Liu Kangcao. This period was considered as a Ming emperor.But in middle age, almost after Lv Meng’s death, Sun Quan gradually lost his ambition and was more inclined to stay in a corner.In his later years, Sun Quan could be said to be confused and violent. His unreasonable jealousy and temperamental personality seemed to have mental problems, and his handling of the successor directly made sun Wu’s political order in disorder.Ming Lord, Sun hundred thousand, faint violence both, the more live the more backward.Sun Quan early selectively promoted Lu Xun Zhu Huan Gu Yong and other local ethnic groups, because huai Si group and clansmen are uncertain, he needs to cultivate their own forces, stable position.The honeymoon also coincided with the expansion of the military pressure, the local gentry available talent.And is the result of the balance of power.Later, huai Si group and clan wither serious, the local forces chose to kill stool, to maintain their own rule, he never trusted who, and never can casually kill who, he in addition to no father and brother to open xinjiang expansion ability, father and brother’s vice he all accounted for.Want to liu Bei into Sichuan and Sun family into jiangdong, Liu Bei really did not kill anyone, do not love the company, his old age did not because of the “sense of security” disorderly killing, although Zhuge Liang jing zhou sent, the subordinate is also equal, died did not let a dou suppress who.As a man who took over the mantle from his father and brother, Sun Quan showed his generosity, charm and ability. Compared with Cao Cao and Liu Bei, who were struggling at the same time, Sun Quan was not as kindhearted as Liu Bei and not as ruthless as Cao Cao.When the descendants of Liu Bei and Cao Cao were in conflict with sun Quan of Eastern Wu, another change occurred in eastern Wu. Liu Chan was yong enough, but he did not have the fickle of Sun Quan of old age. As for The state of Wei, the tomb of Gao Ping was at least made by Sima Yi, which led to the decline of wei’s clan power and became a victim.The conflict between the two palaces was an important factor for the change of Sun Quan’s tactics. Sun Quan had witnessed the process of his father and brother’s entrepreneurship in his early years. Sun Ce’s death made him realize that it was impossible to solve the nobles by violence, and he had to cooperate with the nobles if he wanted to rule the east of the River.And in the war between the two palaces, the nobles tend to favor the crown prince. Why?The crown prince is the kind of monarch traditionally favored by the nobles: generous, respectful, Confucian and gentle.Simply put, it means being obedient.After Sun Ce’s death, the six prefectures of Jiangdong turned against the three prefectures, which clearly showed that Sun Quan had never secretly won over the prefectures of any place.In addition, sun Quan did not cultivate his cronies until he came to power, such as Lu Su and Zhuge Jin and Lu Xun. When Sun Ce died, Sun Quan relied on Zhou Yu, Zhang Zhao and Dong Xun, the former followers of Sun Ce.How could Sun Quan be confident that he could assassinate Sun Ce, and the news would not be leaked after the assassination? Was Sun Quan really not afraid of zhou Yu and others rebating against him after the news leaked out?Even if Sun Quan did a little preparation, he would first train his cronies and then give them military power, so that even if the plan failed, or if the plan was successful and leaked, Sun Quan also had the strength to contend with sun Ce’s old followers. However, Sun Quan did not do these things.For Sun Quan, a surprise attack on Jingzhou, then the situation necessary to attack Yizhou and win Hanzhong, there are two worlds chasing the central Plains of the possibility.Otherwise, if the alliance is broken, Hefei will not be able to fight, Xiangfan will still be in the hands of Cao Wei, and Dongwu will never have a fulcrum to advance north. If you take Jingzhou, you will never be able to secure a corner.It can only be said that Sun Quan was not a man who could chase the deer into the Central Plains in his heart. It was no problem to attack Jingzhou from the standpoint of Wu (to expand his strength as a warlord), but if he wanted to chase the deer into the central Plains, it was a stupid decision that was no problem from the strategic point of view for those who had dreams of the emperor.The more I read the history of The Three Kingdoms, the more I realized that the history of The Three Kingdoms is nothing more than the rise and fall of the gentry, even ancient history can be defined in this way for most of the time.The tragedy of Sun Quan’s later period was rooted in his family’s background. Sun Jian, who was born of plunder, was always in opposition to the nobles, and suppressed the nobles with “dignity” until the time of Sun Ce.It is also ironic that the elite members of the decision-making elite are forced to work with Sun Quan.