Winter vacation is not over yet, and the new vacation is coming?Students are overjoyed but parents are worried

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Most primary and secondary school students are still enjoying their winter vacation, but many parents have begun to gradually “grumpy”, the original “mother filial piety” scene, also began to gradually change to “chicken flying dog jumping”.Many parents said that they hope the new semester will come soon, so that the “god beast” quickly returned to the cage, returning to the normal state of learning, but the winter vacation is not over, and there is news that students are expected to usher in a new small holiday.Winter vacation isn’t over yet, and a new vacation is already “on the way”?For students, winter and summer holidays are the two longest holidays in a year, but because they are either in the middle of summer or in the cold of winter, these two holidays are actually more for students to rest and study.So someone proposed, for students to add “spring and autumn holiday”, of course, “spring and autumn holiday” certainly different from winter and summer vacation, and will not have so long time, but in the middle of each semester, near spring and autumn, the weather is better, to students put a week or so of small long vacation.Regarding everyone’s proposal and heated discussion, in fact, relevant departments also attach great importance to it and make a reply to it. In the reply, it is mentioned that on the premise of completing the teaching tasks, the school can introduce the formulation method of “Spring and autumn holiday” by itself based on the local climate conditions and other comprehensive reasons.That is to say, “spring and autumn holidays” is not lip service, after the school, each school according to the arrangement of teaching tasks, it is possible to add “spring and autumn holidays” for students, students will usher in a small holiday “new members”.The development of the spring and autumn period and the false, really for the students, will have certain advantages, the spring and autumn period and the two season climate is good, but also parents and lead the students to travel, because schools have a holiday to decide for themselves and at the same time so everyone can effectively achieve peak travel, but parents said the situation where there is so optimistic.Face may usher in a new vacation, the student was overjoyed, but it says parents worried play love love, love is the nature of each student, the holiday so when after school, may also be the arrival of the new holiday nature is pleasantly surprised, but it says parents worried, in fact, parents worry mainly concentrated in two big ways.First, students’ academic performance.Because of the implementation of the double reduction policy, students are not allowed to attend cram schools in the holidays, so once the holiday, students can learn or not actually depend on their own consciousness, so for some students who “fly” during the holidays, the new “spring and autumn holidays” may affect students’ grades to a certain extent.Secondly, some parents said, although also hopes to use the spring and autumn period and the students go for a walk, but “in the spring and autumn leave” to the students, parents is not ah, so, although the “spring and autumn leave” the original intention is good, but in fact, because most of the parents in the work, care about students, instead of bringing trouble to students and parents.Parents’ concern is not unreasonable, the original intention of “spring and autumn leave” is good, but in the implementation process, or to consider more aspects to make a decision, if the final result is against the original intention, the loss is outweighed by the gain.Many parents urged, actually the most enjoy the spring and autumn period and the false should be college students launched the “spring and autumn leave”, there are a lot of college students’ parents are paying attention to, and many parents also called for, in fact, the most should enjoy “in the spring and autumn leave” should actually is a college student, but often in the face of these policies, university students out more naturally.Parents also have their reason for this proposal, after all, many college students are a lot of students are away from home to study, the opportunity to go home in a year, in fact, very few, basically only winter and summer vacation and May 11, if college students enjoy the “spring and autumn vacation”, the number of home can also improve some.Away form for college students, is also a great comfort, and can often go home, parents of the students to worry also can reduce weight, also can let students can relax in the tension studies, such a thought, “the spring and autumn leave” also seems to really is on college students more can reflect the value of its existence, so parents urged actually makes sense.Author’s note: to add the proposal of the “spring and autumn leave” in fact, in my opinion, original intention is good, but the execution, but also of many aspects, want to smooth implementation, also need to make a comprehensive consideration before you make a decision, otherwise may backfire, lost its original meaning, give parents bring unnecessary trouble.Although the implementation of “spring and autumn holidays” is relatively difficult, but in good weather weekends, parents should indeed take students out for some outdoor activities, can not let students all holidays can only be spent in front of the desk.Topic discussion: What do you think about the proposal of spring and autumn holidays?Feel free to leave a comment.If you want to know more wonderful content, come to see 婻 teacher