Women’s football team eliminated Japan, but the official bo was distressed: this is the true national football team!Central 5 why dare not live

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China beat Japan in a penalty shootout to reach the final of the Women’s Asian Cup.The Chinese women’s soccer team hasn’t beaten Japan in six years. They haven’t even beaten Japan.This battle depends on the skill of water guide soldiers, is the indomitable struggle of women’s football girls.In wang shuang’s absence, we went down twice, came back twice, won on penalties, it was classic!For this game, is really word poor, twice behind, twice tied, especially the second goal, almost the whistle absolutely tied, never give up, try your best, this is the way football should be, this is the biggest charm of football, the last point shot narrowly won, you think this is the best script?In fact, it is the Chinese football legend written by the women’s football girls with completely overdrawn physical strength and never give up spirit!After the game, the official bo of the women’s football team received a lot of encouragement from the fans: “Good job, girls!Holding breath!Too great, water guide magic dispatch, Chinese captain Shenzhen-tianshou!The women’s soccer players are going all out!Chinese football orthodox in women’s football!””Win or lose, it was an exciting game to watch,” he said. “We have no regrets about the way this squad played against Japan. We are on the right path.The future is possible!Compared with the self-styled guard background special understanding of the defense jia someone, water guide defense layout is not higher Ming?Understand all understand!”There are fans distressed: “what also see men’s football, women’s football YYDS!Women’s football is at war!While the men’s soccer team is punching, eating, and punching in the face!Please call the women’s football team the National football Team!After who mention the national football team I will default to the women’s football team, so in the mind can feel better!CCTV 5 why dare not live?What if the final isn’t live?”After the match, the girls wanted to throw the coach Shui Qingxia up to celebrate, but the water coach refused!Shui qingxia is right, it is not time to release too much emotion, knockout matches often appear difficult to qualify (such as Barcelona in the Champions League after two big comebacks, then were eliminated by big scores) after the situation, now the most important thing is to prepare for the final.Winning the championship will make it look good in the future.Beta point of view: Chinese men’s football team learn Brazil, learn Germany, learn Italy, learn so many years finally know who to learn, learn Chinese women’s football team!If the women’s football team doesn’t play well for four or five thousand months, they will have to lose their jobs and set up stalls. The new men’s football team will give the majority of fans more trouble during the New Year. It’s really difficult for them!So finally, what do you want to say, I am Beta, welcome to the fans of the old friends of the message discussion!