Xingyang Capital Road street to carry out gas safety publicity activities

2022-07-21 0 By

Lin Yang gas safety concerns thousands of households, in order to further ensure the safety of the area residents’ gas use, enhance the awareness of safe gas use, effectively prevent the occurrence of explosion, fire, poisoning accidents, to ensure the safety of the area residents’ lives and property.Recently, Xingyang Jinglu Street Yong ‘an Street community combined with recent focus, actively organized staff to the area along the street stores and each community, gas safety publicity.The investigation of more than 40 stores and businesses along the street.During the staff mainly aimed at the jurisdiction involved gas used by merchants, trying to identify the gas valve, hose and the installation of gas alarm facilities such as usage, at the same time as the detailed daily matters needing attention in aspects of gas in the fire, the correct method of use and how to identify the safety sense, such as gas leakage and merchants to be reminded that the gas safety, do people go to snuff out valve,Keep your room well ventilated.This activity not only enabled the residents to master the knowledge of gas safety, but also enhanced the awareness of the safe use of gas and effectively contained the occurrence of gas accidents.Yongan Street community will continue to strengthen the publicity, further popularize the knowledge of gas safety, make gas safety deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and effectively create a safe and stable environment for the residents of the area to use gas safely.(Correspondent Wu Hongfen)