Xingyuan Township has effectively and orderly promoted the improvement of rural living environment

2022-07-21 0 By

This article is from:Dingxi daily.New, dingxi dingxi, daily report from our correspondent (reporter Chen Xin) to improve rural living environment, stable area xingyuan countryside give full play to the basic-level party organization’s fight fortress and the cutting edge exemplary role, a broad masses of party members, volunteers actively participate in the environmental renovation, will be carried out “on a” voluntary action combined with daily cleaning, strongly pushing rural living environment and gradually formedThe normal long-term mechanism of branch leadership, party members taking the lead and peasant households participating.For garbage dump, straw such outstanding problems as a heap of ruins, sewage discharge, GaiXiang according to create “five small”, control the thinking of “five”, actively organize to carry out the “clean village” and “beautiful courtyard” create, guide the masses obligation to plant trees and flowers, cleaning the yard health, consciously remove weeds behind the house, clean up the field DeGeng living garbage, waste plastic, etc., led the villagers develop goodProduction and living habits, to create a clean, comfortable and clean living environment.It is understood that the current GaiXiang will seize the favorable opportunity of the spring planting trees BoLu, in accordance with the “one household one solution” the working train of thought of “a landscape”, the party leading, volunteer service through living environment renovation process, strive to be xingyuan “clicked”, let a wipes “volunteer red foil a” green “villages”, constantly enhance the level of rural appearance.