Zhongshan County people’s Procuratorate held a general election of trade unions

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In order to further strengthen the construction of grassroots trade unions and strengthen the role of trade unions as a bridge, the People’s Procuratorate of Zhongshan County held the general election of trade unions on February 11.Huang Denghong, secretary of the party group and procurator general attended the meeting, and all union members attended the meeting.The meeting adheres to the principle of “openness, equality and democracy” and is carried out in strict accordance with the relevant provisions of the Constitution of the Chinese Trade Union.At the meeting, the representative of the previous trade union committee of the hospital made a report to the congress, comprehensively reviewed the work of the trade union in recent years, objectively analyzed the problems existing in the work, and put forward the opinions and suggestions for the next trade union work.Then the general assembly took the way of secret ballot, elected a new trade union committee chairman and members.The new chairman of the trade union zhou Yuming said that he would strengthen the construction of the trade union with the sense of responsibility of “no time to spare”, exercise the authority of the trade union with the service concept of “people oriented”, and serve the workers with the fighting spirit of “snatting the hour”. He has committed himself to the high-quality development of zhongshan’s prosecution work.Procurator-general Huang Denghong fully affirmed the achievements of the previous trade union, and congratulated the newly elected members of the trade union, and put forward three requirements and hopes for them:First, efforts should be made to strengthen their own construction, adhere to the political construction as the guide, closely around the overall situation of the procuratorial work, constantly improve the service, participation and coordination mechanism of the organ trade union, and create a new situation of the procuratorial trade union work in the new era.Second, we need to give full play to the role of trade unions as a bridge and link, adhere to the work orientation of police officers as the center, focus on issues of common concern to officials and workers, and make solid efforts to do practical and good things for police officers, so as to help improve the cohesiency and cohesion of procuratorial forces.Third, we should actively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of workers, act as trusted “mother family” of police officers, take the initiative to care for the lives of workers, actively implement mutual help and love, and strive to build the trade union into a warm and vibrant “home of workers” to solve the worries of police officers.THE END Text: Ye Runwei | Image: Cen Dongmei Editing: Zeng Qingshen | Review: Wang Tianzhu