62-year-old Ni Ping refuses to accept the old, alone appeared in the airport is too low-key, wear cotton dress trend not lose young people

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Ni Ping, a former senior official of CCTV, has always been a pillar of the Spring Festival Gala. Although she rarely appears on CCTV after her retirement, her appearance attracts attention every time.Recently, Ni Ping appeared alone at the airport, relative to the Chinese New Year atmosphere lively contrast, ni Ping appeared alone is a little low-key, but under the camera ni Ping the whole person state is still very good.First, Ni Ping airport dress guide fashion keywords: all-black look;Profile element;Contour sense;In fact, for many friends of a certain age, the collocation is more and more inclined to pure color or simple but elegant style, after all, these colors are simple and low-key and classic and versatile, basically rarely make mistakes.To the friend that wants contracted colour, basic colour can be chosen when collocation, basic colour is like black, white, gray to wait ok and optional collocation.Ni Ping’s style is combined with the all-black look, choosing one of the most classic and versatile colors among the basic colors. The all-black look maintains the integration of the style, highlights the cool fashion, and makes the overall style classic and elegant, showing the casual and casual style every minute.02 Modeling highlights two:Exquisite outline feeling but with the all black look or pure color style, to create modelling is too dull or single impression, so in the process of collocation, we can combine the skin area or style to match, use the skin area to transfer people field of vision, sense of style is foil outline, make modelling is more rich, ni ping this body modelling is combined with the contour,The use of integration and three-dimensional design to create a style, make the modeling better off the temperament and aura, minutes to create a sense of high-level and fashion sense, and then show the beautiful atmosphere.03 Modeling highlights three:Cotton-padded jacket style mainly pay attention to keep warm and comfortable while now in February, but in the midst of wear take a style is still belong to compare the cold season, especially for the elderly, in the process of outfit is exquisite modelling is given priority to with comfortable and warm, so in the choice of model, can be in cotton-padded jacket, down jacket, etc., overall modelling pay attention to keep warm and give priority to with long,It’s good for the vibe.Ni Ping’s body is a combination of long cotton clothes to match, well set off a tall and slender figure, the key is to have the effect of warm and cold, making the overall shape looks classic and versatile.Although Ni Ping has reached the retirement age now, she will occasionally appear on the platform of the party. Most of her appearances are mainly in all-black look, and the overall look pays attention to classic and versatile, which can still foil her temperament.Two, Ni Ping workplace outfit modeling wear fashion keywords: suit;Pleated element;Gauze element modelling point a: 01 suit collocation foil gives spell able and agile van suit as workplace look item standard, at the time of choosing can be collocation in foundation design, foundation, after all, exquisite style is classical joker, still can make modelling foil out of integration, better reflect the classic fashionable breath, create advanced air fan and sayin, deduce city beauty aura.Ni Ping’s suit is a combination of short style collocation, using all-black look to create a classic and versatile style, the key is to use pure color style to create an integration, to better foil the agile sa gas.02 Modeling highlights two:Pleated elements and gauze element in the overall look collocation, fashionable element is played a decorative effect, ni ping all this model combines elements of pleated and gauze element, the element is more classic joker, using pleated elements create fashionable nifty van, model a fan, sweet minus age makes the overall look more gorgeous, create elegant temperament.Statement: original text, pictures from the network, such as infringement, contact to delete.Prohibit plagiarism, offenders will be prosecuted!