Ataka design | no advocate the lamp, what we are after is what?

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We began to study the concept of life itself, not just the “beautiful” no-master lamp design, which has been deeply accepted, and new customers always put forward the requirement of no-master lamp design.But when everyone says they want “owner-light design,” are we just following suit?Today, I want to discuss the relationship between no main lamp and our feeling from the perspective of “sensibility”.The domestic design of more than ten years ago, with the sitting room for example, it is an advocate lamp commonly, add the shoot the lamp of sofa setting TV setting, and a circle condole carries the lamp on the top, advocate the lamp wants atmospheric high-end grade, choose commonly with brass, crystal is given priority to, very luxuriant, anyhow, want dignitaire.With the actual life, the chandelier is difficult to do sanitation, the lamp with ash, the spotlights are almost bad, and finally only light up a chandelier. Over time, the dim light just barely illuminatesthe living room environment, making the house look old. If the shape of the crystal lamp is too complex, it is not convenient to even change the bulb.The above situation also is the case of a lot of families generally, and present design, what pursue is more individual, rational, comfortable living condition, reflect to go up in the detail that uses the lamp, be “design without main lamp”.Above all, without advocate lamp design abandoned the advocate lamp of the sitting room, also mean to abandon a having luxuriant modelling, increase the advocate lamp of a lot of life trouble in the future however, the likelihood that replace is modelling acme simple two small square lamps, do not have the lamp even.Then, selectively, in the place where you want to hang a picture or a photo, properly install the lamp, no longer “evenly distributed”, so that the light is no longer flat straight, but with a focus.Still can adorn floor lamp, desk lamp, different height and administrative levels, have different light atmosphere.Of course, the older members of the family may not be able to accept it at all. They may stare at the inexplicable lamp and shake their heads saying that they cannot understand why there is no lamp at all.Then young people will think, the happiness of not having to clean up is my own.Yes, young people are more willing to live on their own terms, and they are more aware of what they don’t need, so they simply give up.Secondly, the design of no main light pursues a sense of atmosphere, which can create a variety of scenes: party scene: when we need the whole space to be bright, we can choose to turn on all the hidden lights.Viewing scene: Many people now choose the projector, so watching movies only need a small lamp, or a floor lamp, can meet the demand.Reading scene: in the corner of the living room on the sofa, comfortable nest in the light of the floor lamp, reading, playing mobile phones, and not be disturbed.There are many scenes, can be used to create light, to create the atmosphere of “light, follow people”, is no longer “light to the end”, but with people’s different feelings and life needs, with light to create a proper atmosphere.This is also the quality of life we pursue: when we can achieve our expectations of life through something controllable, life will be more comfortable and beautiful.▲ About this article — Lin Qinglan, life aesthete, private house designer, exploring life aesthetics, space aesthetics, life should be fresh and interesting, I like concrete and beautiful life, to enjoy the beauty of the world for lifelong feelings.Be an elegant and interesting woman, taste life with your heart — the text is original by Qinglan, the pictures come from the Internet, the copyright of the pictures belongs to the original author.