“Both high and low hurt farmers” needs to be solved

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If you can’t walk out of the “more cheap, cheap reduction, reduction of expensive, expensive increase, increase the cheap” cycle, an account is calculated down, always “high and low all hurt farmers” situation.Cloud network comments special commentator Gao Yongwei just past valentine’s Day, cloud flower became the market “favorite”.Compared with the same period last year, a bunch of red roses last year the lowest 30 yuan, this year’s highest has risen to 160 yuan, 99 fresh cut red rose cost is as high as 500-800 yuan or so, many consumers “hope flowers frustrated”.Flower prices have soared, cloud flower market “a flower is hard to find”, news public opinion a praise, this is not a good thing for flower farmers?In the short term, it must be a good thing.Flower prices have risen across the board, and although middlemen are making a difference, florist pockets are fatter than they used to be, a rich reward for their hard work.However, behind the appearance of “rich farmers and expensive flowers”, there is a hidden concern that “high and low are hurting farmers”.Current, flower market is good, emphasize at this time “high and low all hurt farmer”, rather some spoilt mood, but not be alarmist however.From “bean you play” to “garlic you ruthless”, from “jiang you jun” to “sugar Gao Zong”, from “Xiang Qian Cong” to “apple what”, each time the price of agricultural products skyrocketed, and finally get rich returns are not farmers.Farmer friends engaged in planting, not a season a year, but year after year, although there is a price “soaring” “moment of high light”, but if has not been out of the “more cheap, cheap reduced, reduced expensive, expensive increase, increase cheap” cycle, an account is calculated down, always “high and low all hurt farmers” situation.There will be a problem there will be an answer, “both noble and lowly hurt farmers” although it is a difficult problem must have a solution, the key is to send the best solution.Below market economy condition, supply and demand relation is price decisive factor, the rise and fall of agricultural product price is completely handed over to the market to decide?In general, yes, but in some specific links, the government still needs to do something.When prices rise, they flock to each other, and when prices fall, they lose all their money, mainly because farmers lack rational judgment on the market.By professional department to do professional, reasonably according to the market demand on the one hand, guiding farmers to expand acreage, on the other hand to work together with farmers to develop a broader market, best can in the form of agreement for the farmers’ income is guaranteed, so to expand blindly, not sell after harvest, farmers income will be steady growth, maintenance,It’s not like you’re on a roller coaster.In addition to natural disasters, supply and demand relations caused by agricultural prices, artificial speculation is also an important reason to push up agricultural prices.Through speculation caused the abnormal rise and fall of the price of agricultural products, speculators make a lot of money, but it disturbs the market order, damage the interests of farmers, for this kind of behavior must also strengthen supervision.”Agriculture is the root of the world.”We will take multiple measures to solve the problem that both the high and the low are hurting farmers, and enable them to increase both production and income each year. This will not only greatly increase the happiness index of farmers, but also put society on a more stable footing.All articles published by caiyun net comment represent the author’s personal views and have nothing to do with the position of this website.Welcome to pay attention to caiyun website comments, contribution email yncywp@163.com, good payment.