For such a provocation, I really agree with this advice: Jayne!Please put your fist in his face!

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James pushed Bane, but not hard!Just now, Sports Wave reported that Memphis Grizzlies young forward Ben Benn nearly killed lebron James by revealing exactly what he said during the grizzlies’ game against the Lakers.”What I say is that your steps frighten no one…?”Bain said.Is that really the case?I watched the scene closely.Bain is, in fact, after a breakthrough for the paint form 2 dozen 1, old one zhan defense, bain has left the hoop hit directly, more can spirit, around James go to the court after his goal, another lens can clear display, he said the trash talking, and the right shoulder to lebron James, James jostled bain raised his right hand is conveniently.From what I’ve seen over the years, lebron James has never gotten into a physical fight on the court. You can say he’s not as good or as good as Michael Jordan, but you can’t say anything about his personality.No respect for James!From the perspective of the situation on the court, lebron is also an established veteran, plus his contributions to the NBA for many years, you a young man, really should respect Lebron, and how many more games can you play with him?Instead of taking advantage of this rare opportunity to ask him more questions, you deliberately contradict him, which is so damn wrong.”Hi lebron, you should have just punched him in the face!”Barkley said, “He’s trying to make himself feel strong by trying to provoke lebron, but are you really qualified?If you do, I will support you. As a 37-year-old veteran, you deserve the respect of anyone…!”For the author, not Zhan Mi, also not Zhan Black, but to see this scene, also suddenly feel furious, he is already kobe Bryant level of character, there is no doubt that the only son to undertake the revitalization of the NBA, NMD your family is such education you?What should you say about you?Do you think Jayne should have punched him in the face?Welcome to like and pay attention, and leave a message to discuss!The only legend still playing!